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Insect EcranInsect Ecran

INSECT SCREEN infested area: Adult Reference skin repulsive, containing 50% DEET. Ensures continuous protection of 8:00

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Used for : fleas, chiggers, mosquitoes, culex pipiens, tiger mosquito

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    INSECT SCREEN-infested area

    Spray Insect Repellent-Screen Infected Zones for adequate protection anywhere.

    Insect Screen-Infected Zones is a powerful repellent areas where insects proliferated: forest, lake shores, rivers, swamps ...

    Effective against all species of mosquitoes, it also repels ticks, chiggers, flies, fleas and bedbugs.

    It uses from 12 years and follows the recommendations of health authorities.

    Description insect screen infested area

    Reference skin repulsive adult, containing 50% DEET

    Provides continuous protection against 8:00:

    - The Anopheles mosquitoes (malaria), Aedes (yellow fever, dengue, chikungunya ...), Culex (Japanese encephalitis, West Nile, LF ...)

    - Tsetse fly (sleeping sickness), blackflies (onchocerciasis), sandfly (leishmaniasis), ticks (Lyme disease, tick-borne encephalitis ...), bugs (Chagas disease), as well as Culex pipiens, chiggers, fleas ... that spoil holidays.


    Using advice and opinion on insect screen infested area

    Use: from 12 years.


    Apply liberally to the skin as needed renewing every 5 hours but not more than 1 application per day between 6 months and 18 months, 2 applications per day between 18 months and 12 years and 3 applications per day from 12 years.

    For optimum protection also using Insect-Screen Spray clothing.

    Introducing screen insect infested area

    Packaging: 100 ml Spray (allows use for 20 days on the exposed parts of the body). The use of protective clothing product (Insect Ecran spray or soak clothing) is highly recommended to ensure comprehensive protection against biting through clothing or the attachment of ticks, fleas, bugs ...)

    Advantages: reference of the adult mosquito protection. Insect Screen adult infested area: best quality / price ratio of the market at ml product.

    Spray 100 ml Weight: 120 gr

    Insect Screen

    Insect Ecran is today the leader in pharmacy repellents *. Insect Ecran offers the best assets, at the best concentrations **, suitable for all uses. Our products follow the recommendations of the leading authorities in parasitology and health authorities. Our range is also prescribed in the International Vaccination Centers.

    Insect Screen protects against pitting in France and abroad, thanks to the double skin and skin protection.

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