VermiScan Scanil Vermifuge Dogs Clément Thékan 4 Tablets

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Clément-Thékan Clément-Thékan

Buy VermiScan Scanil Vermifuge Dogs at low price in our pharmacy. This veterinary drug is a versatile broad-spectrum vermifuge against roundworms and tapeworms of dogs up to 45kg

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VermiScan Scanil Vermifuge Dogs Clément Thékan 4 Tablets

VermiScan Scanil Vermifuge Dogs is a versatile broad spectrum vermifuge against roundworms and tapeworms of dogs up to 45kg. Presented as tablets, VermiScan Scanil Dogs requires only one shot. Give your opinion on the advice for use and dosage with our Verified Reviews partner after your purchase.

Description of Clement Thékan VermiScan Scanil vermifuge dog

Indications of VermiScan Scanil Vermifuge Dog:
Helminthosis in dogs: nematodes, cestodes.
Usable in times of growth
Usable in the bitch during gestation.

When there are worms, consider combining an effective natural flea treatment for your dog, these parasites transmit worms (Dipylidium).

How to use Clement Thékan VermiScan Scanil vermifuge dog

1 tablet / 10 kg of VermiScan Scanil administered in a single dose in the morning with a quarter of the ration.
Treat 2 to 3 times a year.
Female in pregnancy: 15 days before then 3 to 4 weeks after parturition.
Not suitable for cats.

How to deworm properly dogs with VermiScan Scanil

Frequency of deworming puppies

Puppies and kittens are almost all contaminated with worms. These worms are transmitted by the mother via the placenta or by the milk and in contact with the dung in the environment.

Puppies should be periodically dewormed

Every 2 weeks from 15 days of age to 2 months of age.
Once a month then from 2 months to 6 months.
Then it is advisable to refer to the pace of the adult who depends on each situation.

The VermiScan Scanil vermifuge special puppy, adapted to the low weight of young dogs, is no longer sold by the Clement-Thekan laboratory.

When and how to deworm adult dogs?

Deworm them at least every 3 months ie 4 times / year (once per season).
Whether in town or in the country no difference, all green spaces are naturally contaminated.

Composition of Clement Thékan VermiScan Scanil vermifuge dog

Nitroscanate 500 mg, excipient qsp a tablet.

Packaging Clement Thékan VermiScan Scanil vermifuge dog

Box of 4 tablets corresponding to a deworming treatment for dogs for one year.

Give your opinion on the broad-spectrum dewormers to be given alternately with VermiScan Scanil dog: Strantel dog box of 4 tablets for dogs from 2 to 10 kg and your opinion for strantel dog XL for large dogs of more than 10 kg

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