Puressentiel SPRAY SLEEP RELAX 75ML Aromatherapy


Puressentiel SommeilPuressentiel Sommeil

Puressentiel SPRAY SLEEP RELAX 75ML Aromatherapy

The Puressentiel Spray Sleep and Relaxation promotes relaxation and serenity for a good night's sleep.

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Used for : difficulty falling asleep, essential oils sleep, relaxing spray, sleep spray, essential oils sleep

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    Puressentiel SPRAY SLEEP RELAX 75ML Aromatherapy

    The Puressentiel Spray Sleep and Relaxation promotes the return to calm, relaxation and relaxation to prepare his body at bedtime.

    Properties of Puressentiel SPRAY SLEEP RELAXATION

    It contains 12 essential oils with soothing, relaxing, tranquilizing and sedative properties :

    Essential oil of Rosewood.
    Essential oil of Roman chamomile.
    Cypress essential oil.
    Lavender essential oil.
    Mandarin essential oil.
    Marjoram essential oil.
    Neroli essential oil.
    Orange essential oil.
    Essential oil of Palmarosa.
    Essential oil of Petit Grain Bigaradier.
    Essential oil of Sandalwood.
    Essential oil of Verbena.

    Results of Puressentiel SPRAY SLEEP RELAXATION

    If your child is pissed off and has trouble falling asleep, the Sleep and Relax Spray will help him get calm and sleep.

    If you are stressed or angry, this spray will help you find calm and serenity.

    How to use Puressentiel SPRAY SLEEP RELAXATION

    At the four corners of the room, spray when you lie down and put a soaked tissue on your pillow.

    If during the day you need to calm down, spray in the room where you are.

    Our advice and expert advice

    Sleep is vital. It is when we sleep that our body regenerates and regulates itself. It is important to stop all activities that are too stimulating for our brains, so forget the tv, computer, laptop or tablet screens. Prefer reading, drawing or a board game with your family.

    The essential oils contained in this spray will help soothe your nervous system, chasing anxiety and stress accumulated during the day.

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