BIO Essential Oil Ylang-ylang totum PRANAROM 5ml

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Pranarom Pranarom

Essential oil Ylang-ylang totum BIO (Cananga odorata) PRANAROM

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Used for : stress, angoisse, dépression nerveuse

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Essential oil Ylang-ylang totum BIO (Cananga odorata) PRANAROM

Aromatic molecules: germacrene D, farnesyl acetate, farnesene, benzyl benzoate

Distilled part: flower
Native to Asia, this tropical tree with glossy evergreen leaves and reaches 20 meters high in the wild. Yellow flowers mature produce the best essential oil. The ylang-ylang essential oil which provides the fragrance is widely appreciated for its warm notes, floral, exotic, round and feminine. It is not surprising that it is part of the essential oils which, olfaction, can change human behavior.

Traditionally known for its properties: • antidepressant, sedative, relaxing nervous • hypotensive, antiarrhythmic • sexual tonic, aphrodisiac • antispasmodic.

Special precautions: Oral reserved therapist • Skin irritation (dermocaustic) possible pure state • Keep out of reach of young children • Unless the physician or pharmacist, do not use during pregnancy and lactation and. children under 3 years • Keep away from sources of heat and light • EXTERNAL USE.

Professional advice: Dermal - always dilute 3 drops CTEO + 3 drops hazelnut oil and massage the solar plexus or the inner wrist or on the painful area.

Fragrant ideas: - ylang-ylang: 2 ml, cedar or rosewood: 1 ml in 100 ml of alcohol at 70 °. - 30 drops of ylang-ylang added to 1 liter wax your furniture delicately scent your linens.

All our essential oils are certified organic AB (Agriculture Biologique and Control Certisys BE-BIO-01), 100% pure, natural and complete. Each has a unique name, HECT (Chemotype essential oil), intended to characterize a botanical and biochemical point of view.

Warnings: Essential oils are endowed with an impressive reactive power. Therefore scrupulously observe the prescribed doses, they are the result of a long research experience. An excess would bring nothing more therapeutically but could, instead, cause adverse effects.

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