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Venous insufficiency 

Buy online treatments to fight Venous Insufficiency and Heavy Legs

Women are particularly concerned by this phenomenon of heavy legs . It should not be overlooked, under pain of complications following the blood circulation disorder. In 80% of cases, it is symptomatic of functional venous insufficiency . The blood does not circulate well and varicose veins can appear on the skin.
In summer, the symptoms reappear: the ankles swell , the calves swell and become painful

Find a selection of products to treat your heavy legs . Effectively fight against the small inconveniences of everyday life with effective and quality remedies.

No medication will be delivered outside French territory. Only available at the pharmacy in Perpignan (France).

Blood circulation and heavy legs

The phenomenon of heavy legs is manifested by feelings of tingling and heaviness in the lower limbs, which can sometimes go as far as pain. A natural solution is to lie down by slightly raising the legs to improve venous return.

However, it is not always easy to find the right time and arrangements. The laboratories offer solutions to improve blood circulation in the short and long term, and thus treat heavy legs . These supplements are formulated from plant extracts which aim to strengthen the walls of the veins to restore their elasticity and prevent their expansion.

Venous circulation and hemorrhoidal crisis

Targeting the small blood vessels of the rectum, the pathology of hemorrhoids occurs during defecation, when the veins are swollen by the activity of the rectal muscles. In case of constipation or diarrhea, the vessels remain dilated and can rupture, causing bleeding, then pain. Medicines to relieve hemorrhoids help with healing by restoring cracked vessels, strengthening them, and relieving pain.

Disorders of the venous circulation are often the consequence of a bad return of blood to the heart and target mainly the legs by feelings of heaviness and unsightly varicose veins that appear under the skin. Venous insufficiency can also be problematic during hemorrhoidal attacks because of the stagnation of blood which no longer goes back to the heart, thus making the pathology persist.

Like heavy legs, each medical treatment, even without a prescription, must be accompanied by a healthy lifestyle combined with a balanced diet and the regular practice of a sporting activity.

Rigorously selected to bring you daily comfort when your legs are swollen or in case of painful hemorrhoids, the venotonic drugs that we offer on our online pharmacy are intended to improve blood circulation but also improve circulation in general, especially the cerebral circulation and can therefore have an impact in the event of cognitive disorders .

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