Eucalyptus smithii Organic Essential Oil PRANAROM 10ml

Eucalyptus smithii Organic Essential Oil PRANAROM 10ml

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Eucalyptus smithii essential oil - Eucalyptus smithii BIO

- anti-infectious - antiseptic - anticatarrhal, expectorant, antitussive - anti-inflammatory - immune stimulant.

What is Eucalyptus smithii Pranarom Organic Essential Oil 10ml used for?

Eucalyptus smithii essential oil is a true treasure of nature, whose benefits have been known and appreciated for centuries. Native toAustralia, this plant has adapted to a variety of climates, demonstrating its robustness and versatility. The aborigines were the first to recognize its virtues, using it to combat fever and other ailments, opening the way to a wide range of medicinal and therapeutic uses.

Historically,Eucalyptus essential oil marked a revolution in the medical field in the 19th century, notably in English hospitals where it was used to asepticize urinary catheters. Its composition, rich in active ingredients such as 1,8 cineole and limonene, gives it remarkable anti-infectious, antiseptic, anticatarrhal, expectorant and antitussive properties. It also acts as a powerful anti-inflammatory and immune stimulant, making it an essential ally during periods of vulnerability to infection.

Therapeutically,Eucalyptus smithii stands out for its ability to purify the air, thanks to its antiseptic virtues. It is particularly effective in relieving respiratory tract ailments such as bronchitis, sinusitis and colds, offering fast, natural relief. What's more, its expectorant action helps clear bronchial tubes, making breathing easier.

In dentistry, Eucalyptus smithii essential oil is valued for its antiseptic properties and is used in the composition of endodontic solvents. It also contributes to oral hygiene, integrated into toothpastes for its ability to freshen breath and fight bacteria.

In conclusion,Eucalyptus smithii essential oil is a concentrate of health benefits. Its broad spectrum of action makes it an indispensable product for anyone seeking to strengthen their natural defenses, purify their environment or find an effective remedy for winter ailments. Thanks to its multiple therapeutic properties, it embodies a holistic solution for physical and mental well-being.

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How to use this essential oil

Eucalyptus smithii essential oil must be used with care, to make the most of its properties while guaranteeing safety and efficacy. Cutaneous route: Apply 2 to 3 drops to the chest, back and soles of the feet to relieve respiratory symptoms or stimulate immunity. This method ensures direct absorption and rapid action.

For optimum protection against winter aggressions, combine this oil with Mandravasarotra in an ultrasonic diffusion. Twenty minutes of diffusion every three hours creates a healthy, purified environment, reducing the risk of respiratory infections.

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Pranarom Eucalyptus smithii organic essential oil is a high-quality natural product obtained by steam distillation of Eucalyptus smithii leaves. This essential oil is certified organic, guaranteeing its natural origin and purity. It comes in a 10ml bottle, making it a practical and economical format for regular use.

Special precautions

  • Keep out of reach of young children.
  • Do not use during pregnancy or breast-feeding, or on children under 3 years of age, except on medical advice.
  • Keep away from heat and light.

Warning: Essential oils are powerful and must be used with discretion. Respect prescribed doses to avoid any risk of undesirable effects.

What is its composition?

  • Aromatic molecules: 1,8 Cineole, Limonene
  • Distilled part: Leaf

All our organic essential oils are certified AB (Agriculture Biologique) and Certisys Control BE-bio-01, guaranteeing superior quality, 100% pure, natural and integral. HECT (Huile Essentielle ChemoTypée) certification ensures precise identification and consistent quality, based on the oil's biochemical composition and botanical characteristics.

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