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Pranarom Pranarom

Ginger Zingiber officinale essential oil BIO PRANAROM

Ginger essential oil is used to fight against digestive irritations and rheumatism.

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Used for : arthrose, arthrite

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Organic essential oil Ginger PRANAROM 5ml

Ginger Zingiber officinale - Bio

Aromatic molecules: α-zingiberene, β-sesquiphéllandrène
Distilled part: rhizome

The ginger root is known for over 6000 years in India and China for the treatment of stomach pain, diarrhea and nausea but also widespread for its culinary uses. Currently, several double-blind placebo-controlled studies have established the safety and efficacy of ginger in treating nausea of pregnancy and post-operative nausea.
The "European Commission" for phytotherapy recognizes the medicinal use of the ginger root to treat digestive disorders and prevent nausea caused by motion sickness.

Traditionally known for its properties

Rheumatism, headaches ... Ginger is a valuable ally to relieve inflammation and pain! Why ? "Because it prevents the production of prostaglandins, hormone precursors inflammatory mechanisms"

• digestive tonic, carminative, stomachic • sexual tonic • aphrodisiac • analgesic • venous and lymphatic decongestant.

Because it contains gingerols (active compounds which act on the stomach lining), ginger can help prevent and stop nausea and vomiting! These effects have been demonstrated in patients traveling people and pregnant women, in the aftermath of surgery and in case of chemotherapy.

essential oil associations Pranarom Bio Ginger

1 / Possible use: gastrointestinal irritation (adults)

2 drops of essential oil Organic Ginger + 1 drop of essential oil Organic Lavender fine , 1 drop of this mix massage the skin area of the stomach 3 times a day.

2 / Another possible use: Preventing Febrile states (adults)

1 drop of essential oil Organic Ginger + 1 drop of essential oil Organic Ceylon Cinnamon + 1 drop of essential oil Niaouli Bio , 2 drops of this mixture on a neutral tablet 3-4 times a day for 3 days

special precautions

Skin irritation possible for the pure state.

• Keep out of reach of young children

• Unless medical advice or pharmacist, do not use during pregnancy and lactation and in children under 3 years

• Keep away from sources of heat and light


Professional advice

The essential oil of ginger is very powerful, it is an excellent tonic general. It is recommended for fatigue and sexual impotence. Local massage on the lower back, apply 2 to 3 drops of ginger mixed with HECT 5 drops HV hazelnut or take a bath mixing 2 drops to a dispersing bath.

All essential oils are certified AB (Organic Farming and Control Certisys BE-BIO-01), 100% pure, natural and intégrale.Chacune presents an original name, HECT (Essential Oil Chemotype) for characterizing a point botanical and biochemically.

Warning: essential oils are endowed with impressive reactive power. Observe scrupulously the prescribed doses, they are the fruit of long experience researcher. An excess would bring nothing more therapeutically but might, instead, cause unwanted side effects.

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