Olfae Lemon Organic Essential Oil n ° 3 Arkopharma 10ml

Olfae Lemon Organic Essential Oil n ° 3 Arkopharma 10ml

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Olfae Organic Lemon Essential Oil Arkopharma 10ml in our organic pharmacy. Lemon essential oil is immunostimulant and digestive tonic.

What isArko-Essentiel Olfae Bio Arkopharma Lemon Essential Oil 10ml used for?

100% pure and natural essential oil.

Selected in Italy, ORGANIC Lemon provides an essence that is recognizable and appreciated for its sweet, fresh and stimulating smell and its aromatic and tangy flavor.

How to useArko-Essentiel Olfae Organic Lemon Essential Oil 10ml Arkopharma?

  • Oral route: ✔️ (Dilution beforehand in edible vegetable oil).
  • Cutaneous route: ✔️ (Dilution beforehand in a vegetable oil ).
  • Diffusion: ✔️ (By wet diffusion).
  • Dry inhalation: ❌
  • Wet inhalation: ✔️

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What is the composition?

100% Organic lemon zest essential oil (Citrus limonum), Rutacea, from Italy.

  • Monoterpenes (90 to 95%): (+) -limonene 75%

What are the precautions for use ?

  • Do not combine with essential oils of cinnamon, coriander or containing aromatic aldehydes at more than 10%
  • Photosensitizing, avoid sun exposure after use
  • Contraindicated in children under 7 years old
  • Pure dermocaustic, recommended dilution
  • Dry inhalation is not recommended
  • Contraindicated in pregnant or breastfeeding women
  • Do not combine with cortisone, risk of drug interaction
  • Avoid in combination with micro-dosed oral contraceptives (enzymatic induction)

Presentation - Packaging :

10 ml dropper bottle

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