Toothpaste gel Arthrodont Protect enables enhanced protection of the gums and sensitive teeth. Arthrodont Protect tooth gel is also suitable for people with dentine hypersensitivity and caries of the collar.

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    Protect Arthrodont

    With two technical components, the Protect Arthrodont gel allows enhanced protection of the gums and sensitive teeth.

    Description of Protect Arthrodont

    The dental gel Arthrodont Protect contains hydrofluoride nicomethanol (Fluorinol®) (component from the Pierre Fabre Research) helps mineralize tooth enamel and protect (5 times more Fluor set in the first minute of brushing a classic glass flux (1)).

    Arthrodont protect also contains glycyrrhetinic acid, helps to soothe the fragile gums.

    Select Protect Arthorodont daily is choosing the close protection of your gums and teeth.

    (1) L. Jung et al. Role of nicomethanol in the transport of ions fluoride to help prevent tooth decay.

    using advice

    For use in daily brushing after every meal.

    Protect composition of Arthrodont

    Hydrofluoride nicomethanol (Fluorinol®) 1500 ppm F- + 0.7% Acid gycyrrhétinique

    Precaution of use

    Precaution of use: if fluoride intake from other sources consult a dentist or doctor. Do not swallow. Can be used during pregnancy.

    Do not use before the age of 6 years.

    Arthrodont Protect Presentation

    75 ml tube

    Our Pharmacy expert advice

    The range Arthrodont: With an exclusive formulation in gel form, Arthrodont Protect is also suitable for people with dentine hypersensitivity and caries of the collar.

    Find all Arthrodont products at low prices on your care and Nature bio pharmacy online. These products effectively fight against gingivitis.

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    The mouth is the widest of the routes into the body and the busiest: quintals of food in one life, billions of saprophytic bacteria and 32 teeth that must cohabit in good intelligence. Brushing is part of the basic body hygiene. Good oral hygiene keeps your teeth healthy and shows a nice smile .
    Choosing a toothpaste may seem trivial, but it requires some thought. Nobody has the same needs ... Yellow, sensitive or decayed teeth do not have the same expectations. Dental sensitivity, healthy gums, plaque removal, white teeth ... Discover among our selection, the toothpaste adapted to your needs.

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