Solgar Full Spectrum Curcumin 30 Capsules

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Solgar Full Spectrum Curcumin 30 Capsules is a food supplement in the form of gel capsule Turmeric, an antioxidant with many virtues to the body.

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    • 24 hour support
    • 185x greater bioavailability
    • joint support, brain and immune health
    • Soy, yeast, sugar free
    • Gluten, wheat and dairy free
    • No artificial flavors, sweeteners, colors and preservatives

    Description Solgar Full Spectrum Curcumin 30 Capsules

    Solgar Full Spectrum Curcumin 30 Capsules is a food supplement in capsule form in gel Turmeric. Solgar fulls pectrum Curcumin has a micellar method that allows you to fully enjoy the benefits of Turmeric. In each capsule, the bioavailability is increased by 185 compared to a conventional capsule Curcuma. T Turmeric, also known as the yellow root name or turmeric. The therapeutic application has caused huge interest.

    This is a special component of this plant which makes it so popular turmeric: curcumin. In general, curcumin is not easily absorbed into the body.

    On the one hand because of the fat structure, and secondly because of the intestine and liver-destroying curcumin and / or destroy its effect.

    Directions for use and dosage Solgar Full Spectrum Curcumin 30 Capsules

    Take one capsule a day

    Composition of Solgar Full Spectrum Curcumin

    Crucuma extract, bovine gelatin, vegetable glycerin. Without gluten, no wheat, no yeast or milk derivatives, soy, yeast, preservatives and flavorings, colorings or artificial sweeteners  

    Introducing Solgar Full Spectrum Curcumin

    Box of 30 capsules


    Our Pharmacy expert advice

    The Solgar Gold Standard

    . Solgar has been manufacturing nutritional supplements of fine quality for over 60 years in an industry that is constantly changing Throughout these changes, we have never lost sight of our original mission - to provide consumers with food products high quality information to help promote optimal health. Our attention to detail from manufacturing to distribution has enabled us to define, maintain and continuously increase the Gold Standard for quality nutritional supplements, education and service.

    • Sought-Based Products Science.
      Solgar is known globally for production, innovative effective products based on science. All Solgar products have been thoroughly studied by their R & D department Solgar has a team of experts dedicated exclusively to research. Solgar also sponsors research on new potential and existing products by providing funds, their products and their experts to studies across the world.
    • State-of-the-Art Manufacturing.
      State-of-the-art manufacturing installation of Solgar meets pharmaceutical standards for machinery, procedures, quality control, and environmentalism. These standards are higher than those required by industry supplements, Solgar but feels they are required to provide their customers the best possible product quality. with their own manufacturing, laboratory, and distribution facilities, Solgar ensures quality throughout the process.
    • Quality control.
      Solgar has high standards for quality. Solgar has a rigorous quality control system in place to test products at every stage, from the first to the final product material. All incoming materials in Solgar facilities are subject rigorous testing to ensure they are the highest quality, all those who do not meet the standards of Solgar are rejected and immediately sent back to their suppliers a rarity in the industry, Solgar has its own on-site laboratory for. quality that ensures that each product leaving their door meeting Solgar Gold Standard ™ for excellence. Solgar is not satisfied a test on their products. They do a lot.
    • . USP purified water system
      Solgar invested over $ 1 million in a state-of-the-art USP osmosis purification system reverse water. - Widely regarded as the best type of filtration available These are not required by Good Manufacturing Practices ( GMP), but the Solgar Gold Standard ™ requires that they have the best system.
    • HEPA filtration system air.
      All air that circulates through the Solgar facility passes through a HEPA filter bank that remove 99.9% of particles in suspension. The two samples of air and water is regularly tested in the laboratory internal Solgar .
    • Cleanliness.
      Solgar disassembles and cleans all machine parts after each formula change. In some cases, the material is broken down into hundreds of pieces and can take up to eight hours to clean and reassemble. Solgar also uses food grade cleaning products respectful of the environment to disinfect equipment between batches.
    • Gluten Free.
      Most Solgar products are gluten free.
    • Kosher Certified.
      Solgar selected KOF-K Kosher Supervision, an international organization that follows the strictest laws of the kosher observance, to certify Solgar products.
    • Halal Certified.
      Solgar chose the Halal Food Authority (HFA), an organization based in the United Kingdom that adheres to the strictest laws of Halal, to certify their products.
    • Aqueous coated tablets.
      Solgar has been one of the first in the natural products industry to integrate a natural coating, water-based for all goods bearing Solgar tablets as an alternative to the use of the most common agent solvent-based coating, shellac (pharmaceutical glaze). This natural coating, water-based improves disintegration and dissolution, providing better absorption of nutrients.
    • Recyclable amber glass bottles.
      100% of Solgar recyclable glass bottles are non-leaching, non-porous and odorless. Although these "old style" medicine bottles cost more, Solgar uses them because they protect against heat, light and moisture, thus preserving the power of nutrients.

    More information on The Gold Standard


    Since Solgar was founded in 1947, we are committed to this philosophy of wellness. It also means a commitment to quality, innovation and integrity. For three generations, we are one of the only companies of food supplements lead to both research, manufacturing and distribution. Since July 2005, Solgar joined the NBTY group and continues to evolve in this tradition while developing new products and conquering new global markets. We believe that our commitment in the area of health is reflected in our products, appreciated by health conscious consumers. Each vitamin that we produce is a quality statement. At Solgar, quality has always been our main guide. We are recognized for the quality of our products, the result of rigorous procedures used to track all the nutrients of raw materials to the final product through manufacturing. This makes us the leader in the dietary supplement industry.

    We develop natural products in accordance with strict standards often exceed those required by law.

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