Puressentiel HEADACHE ROLLER 5ML Aromatherapy



Puressentiel HEADACHE ROLLER 5ML Aromatherapy

The Puressentiel Headache Roller relieves tension in the head, shoulders and neck and allows you to de-stress.

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Partners with: YLO 02. Headaches Pen for phyto-acupressure

Used for : de-stressing, roll-on headache

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    Puressentiel HEADACHE ROLLER 5ML Aromatherapy

    This 100% natural roller helps balance and stimulate the nervous system.

    Properties of Puressentiel ROLLER HEADACHE:

    It contains 9 essential oils known for their soothing, calming, relaxing and de-stressing properties :

    • Basil essential oil.
    • Essential oil of Roman chamomile.
    • Essential oil of Eucalyptus.
    • Lavender essential oil.
    • Essential oil of Peppermint.
    • Myrtle essential oil.
    • Oregano essential oil.
    • Ravensara essential oil.
    • Rosemary essential oil.

    Results of Puressentiel ROLLER HEADACHE

    Stress and nervousness disappear, you find calm and serenity.

    Tips for using Puressentiel ROLLER HEADACHE

    Apply by massaging each point: on the temples, the middle of the forehead, the line of implantation of the hair, behind the ears to the bottom of the neck and in the hollow of the neck (n top of the vertebral column).

    Use as soon as the voltages appear.

    Not recommended for children under 3, pregnant or breastfeeding women.

    Do not expose yourself to the sun after application.

    Buy at low price Puressentiel® The Puressentiel® range comes in two forms:

    • Aromatherapy products ready for use , called "Complexes" for nature lovers and for the whole family.
    • Unit essential oils for "Experts" wishing to formulate their own products, with the Expert range.

    Puressentiel Pure Quality Charter

    We have implemented the Pure Quality Charter: a charter of uncompromising quality that covers all the stages of a product's life: from the selection of raw materials to the manufacture and transport of the finished product. The Puressentiel quality charter also concerns, of course, the preservation of nature as a whole, at all stages of production.

    From producers of raw materials to the manufacturers of our products, no one can derogate from our Pure Quality charter! Constant quality control is implemented throughout the manufacturing process in France and respecting GMP (Good Manufacturing Practices).

    Puressentiel products provide all the guarantees of efficiency and tolerance.
    These are validated by tests and studies conducted by experts and independent accredited bodies.

    100 %

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    • PEG
    • GMO

    The best of essential oils and nature within everyone's reach! Aromatherapy is a complex and fascinating science, its innumerable possibilities of use, its botanical subtleties, its contraindications ... do not allow everyone to navigate sometimes! And yet, there are many who would like to benefit from its benefits ... For this, pharmacists , botanists , formulators and doctors have focused on the mysteries of this natural therapy to offer you what is best in the form of simpler to use. This is where the success of Puressentiel ® products lies, modernizing aromatherapy to make it available to everyone! Puressentiel® Your essential health care. The range of Puressentiel products is the expectation of anyone wishing to take charge of their health , beauty or well-being in the most natural way possible and at the best price. Excluding any chemical, Puressentiel® uses the benefits of the very essence of the plant in its most active form: the essential oil.

    Roll On Essential Oils cheap in your bio pharmacy online

    Roll 'On Organic essential oils are mixtures of organic vegetable oil and essential oils in a ball vial (5ml or 10ml) for easier use of aromatherapy.

    How to use a roll on with essential oils?

    At any time of the day, as soon as the need arises, apply the roll-on with essential oils on the temples, in the wrists, on the top of the forehead or on the nape of the neck.

    Why choose a roller on with essential oils?

    The advantage of using a roller with essential oils is that you can easily take it with you and use it everywhere. Simply apply them on the temples, the upper forehead, the neck or the wrists to find a clear mind, find a peaceful sleep, relax, get fresh ideas or get a boost of vitality. Very practical, they can slip into your bag and accompany you everywhere.

    Different type of Stick Bille with essential oils

    There are different types of roll on essential oils according to their use, namely:

    • Anti Mosquito Roller with Essential Oils
    • Stick Ball Headache with Essential Oils
    • Massage Roll-on with Essential Oils

    Discover the benefits of massage with essential oils for pregnant women on our blog. For more information, do not hesitate to ask your pharmacist for advice.

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