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Mam Pacifier Silicone Night 0-6 months Set of 2: Silicone Anatomic Night Pacifier. Ultra-small, flexible and lightweight. With phosphorescent button decorated so that Baby finds it easily in the night. From 0 to 6 months. 6 models available (according to arrival). Made in Europe.

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Used for : 0-6 months, premature

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    Mam Pacifier Silicone Night 0-6 months pack of 2

    MAM pacifiers are suitable for babies from 0-6 months thanks to their unique design. Their originality is that they are phosphorescent to allow baby to find it more easily in the dark. The child and parents are soothed because they know that the baby will recover the lollipop without difficulty. The product is adapted to the baby's jaw to guarantee a good development and also to let the skin breathe thanks to its large openings.

    Mam pacifiers are accompanied by a sterilization box that facilitates their transport and sterilization.

    Description Mam Pacifier Silicone Night 0-6 months pack of 2

    Mam Pacifier Silicone Night 0-6 months Lot of 2 anatomical , ultra-small, supple and light that shines at night .
    A collar with a flared cut that does not touch the nose, so it does not interfere with breathing. Large ventilation holes protect the skin and do not interfere with breathing.

    • Easy to use: A button easy to grab, always in the right place for a better grip . It allows to fix the pacifier clip.
    • Mam Design: Symmetrical shape that naturally places itself in the right position. The pacifier has an anatomical shape respectful of the development of the jaw. It has been designed in collaboration with dentists to ensure optimal oral health .
    • Silk Teat: sweet teat like silk, soft to the touch - smooth like no other.

    Advice for use and dosage

    For hygiene reasons, boil the lollipop 5 minutes before the first use. Let cool 5 minutes before giving to the baby. If water gets into the nipple part of the pacifier during cleaning or sterilization: expel it by pressing the pacifier.

    Comment on the recommendations for use and dosage of Mam Pacifier Silicone Night 0-6 months pack of 2 with our partner Avis checked after your purchase.



    Does not contain Bisphenol-A or phthalates

    Precaution of use

    For hygiene and safety reasons, replace the pacifier after one or two months of use.

    Introducing Mam Pacifier Silicone Night 0-6 months pack of 2

    Mam comes in a blister pack containing 2 lollipops + a sterilization box.

    Our advice and expert advice in pharmacy

    Non-nutritive sucking is part of the developmental care of the premature baby. It does not have the reflex of sucking. To promote this one, you can suggest your doight to suck on your child or pacifier.

    It is a reassuring appeasement .
    Sucking is a muscle training that prepares the toddler for feeding. But not only. Aside from feeding herself, she brings calm, comfort, comfort and help to sleep. Moreover, the Americans call it "pacify". Also, if you are not opposed, the lollipop can be a good ally. And as the muscles around the mouth work hard during this period, small light massages are welcome before sleeping.

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