Sealed bag of 100g mix plants, Usage: Detox and drainage, Slimming
A refined taste for sustainable efficiency Cure 1 month

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    Sealed bag of 100g mix plants, Usage: Detox and drainage, Slimming
    A refined taste for sustainable efficiency Cure 1 month



    Composition: name (Latin name) - Part of the plant used - dosage

    Meadowsweet (pl) (Spiraea ulmaria L.) - Plant cut - 12g, Ash (f) (Fraxinus excelsior) - leaves - 12g, Sureau (fl) (Sambucus nigra L.) - Flowers - 12g, Wheatgrass (rh) (Agropyrum repens PB) - rhizome - 10g, Linden (fl, bracté) (Tilia cordata Miller) - bract - 10g Peppermint (f) (Mentha piperita L.) - leaves - 10g, Fennel seed (Foeniculum vulgare Miller) - fruit - 10g
    Generally and historically found use:

    A complex of seven plants known for their draining, purifying and diuretic properties. Their action promotes the drainage of toxins in the body and stimulates the renal excretion of water. This preparation for infusion naturally facilitates weight loss.

    Nature care and guarantees and ensures a perfect provenance and traceability of each of our plants in the greatest respect for nature and our eco-responsible choices.
    Components and active ingredients:

    Meadowsweet (pl) 12g, Ash (f) 12g, Sureau (fl) 12g, Wheatgrass (rh) 10g, Linden (fl, bracté) 10g Peppermint (f) 10g, 10g Fennel seed.

    Infusion: pour boiling water on the plant, infuse 5 to 10 minutes then filter around. Usually, 3 pinches of plants are used for one cup.
    Cure 1 month.
    Not recommended for pregnant and / or breastfeeding.

    A source of health, naturally
    Nature care and selected the best of nature to exacting quality requirements. Harvested from the wild or protected cultivation condition, fresh herbs used allows for deep and lasting results. Your health capital is preserved and strengthened.
    Preparations for infusion care and Nature are a balance and synergy model in their formulation and are a source of well-being in everyday life.


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    Our organic teas and infusions in bags or in bulk, are made from mixtures of medicinal plants, provided by pharmaceutical companies, high-quality collateral.

    They act synergistically for optimal efficiency. Whether to sleep better naturally detoxify or improve transit, we also offer the best advice to decorate your catch. Our doctors of pharmacy, training herbalists and offer you quality teas and infusions at best prices.

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