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Gallia Action Colic 900 g milk is suitable from birth until the age of 1 year. With its reduced lactose and rich in omega-3 content, Milk Gallia Action Colic helps reduce persistent colic.

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    Gallia ACTION COLIC 900G


    Description of Action gallia colic 900g

    Some babies cry for hours every day. Despite all the efforts of their parents, they are inconsolable. Other babies wiggle after drinking their bottle. The doctor may recommend an infant milk with low lactose content.

    Milk Gallia Action Colic (AC) is a first infant milk powder Age suitable for infant feeding from birth until the age of 12 months. It is suitable for babies with colic. It is the only milk Anti-Colic (AC) whose effectiveness is clinically proven.

    Thanks to its reduced lactose content (2.7 g/100 ml), Gallia Action Colic Milk helps reduce persistent colic. Its formula contains 100% soluble protein partially hydrolyzed facilitates the digestion of proteins and facilitates gastric emptying. Intake FOS / GOS provides a good digestive tolerance. The LC-PUFA intake accompanies brain development and visual acuity of your baby.

    Application advice and opinions on gallia Action colic 900g

    Dilute Milk Gallia Action Colic with low mineral water (1 scoop per 30 ml)

    For a toddler, choose breast milk whenever possible. Do not add sugar. Use within 3 weeks after opening.

    To be used under medical supervision. To exclude normal infant feeding and normal infant feeding. Used as sole source of nutrition from birth.

    Composition gallia Action colic 900g

    Hydrolysed whey protein concentrate (milk), vegetable oils (palm, rapeseed, coconut, Mortierella alpina, sunflower), glucose syrup, potato starch, corn starch, galacto, lactose, fructooligosaccharides, fish oil, L tyrosine, inositol, nucleotides, L-carnitine, antioxidant: tocopherol-rich extract, emulsifier: soy lecithin, vitamin C, niacin, pantothenic acid, biotin, folic acid, vitamin A, vitamin E, vitamin B2, vitamin B1, vitamin D3, vitamin B6, vitamin K1, K phosphate, Ca chloride, choline chloride, sulfate of Fe, Zn sulfate, sulfate Cu, Mn sulfate, iodide K, Na selenite, excipients qs 100%.

    Average analysis per 100 ml: Energy value: 66 kcal = 275 kJ. Protein 1.5 g or 12.44% of TEI whose serum protein 1.5 g, 5.3 mg taurine, carnitine 1 mg and 3.2 mg nucleotides, carbohydrates 7.2 g, ie 59.58% of AET which sugars 3.3 g, 2.7 g lactose, maltodextrins and glucose 2.3 g 0.3 g, fat 3.4 g, ie 27.96% of TEI of which saturated fatty acids 1.5g, Linoleic acid 0.418 g, 0.084 g alpha-linolenic acid, DHA and ARA 6.4 mg 11 mg, dietary fiber 0.6 g, 0.02 g Na, K 75 mg, 41 mg chloride, Ca 49 mg, P 27 mg, Mg 5.5 mg, 0.54 mg Fe, Zn 0.49 mg, 0.04 mg Cu, Mn 0.01 mg fluoride <5.5 mcg, 1.6 mcg In, I 12 mcg, 50 mcg Vitamin A , 1.2 mcg vitamin D3, vitamin E 0.9 mg, 4.1 mcg vitamin K1, vitamin C 9.3 mg, 0.05 mg vitamin B1, vitamin B2 0.1 mg, 0.85 mg niacin, vitamin B6 0.04 mg, 9.3 mcg folic acid, vitamin B12 0.14 mcg biotin 2.1 mcg Pantothenic acid 0.36 mg, 10 mg choline, inositol 3,7 mg.

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    900g box with a pod.

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