AQUALARM UP 2% Povidone Ophthalmic Solution BAUSCH & LOMB 10ML


AQUALARM UP 2% Povidone Ophthalmic Solution BAUSCH & LOMB 10ML. This eye drops moisturizes and refreshes dry eyes and tired eyes .

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    Eye dryness ( dry-eye sensation) can occur during prolonged work in front of a computer screen, watching TV for too long, wearing contact lenses, or dry air, hot or smoky. This results in ocular discomfort resulting in tingling, burning sensation or eye fatigue. BAUSCH & LOMB Laboratories offer the AQUALARM UP ophthalmic solution that moistens the eyes perfectly. This eye drops moisturizes and refreshes dry eyes and tired eyes .

    Description of the eye drops AQUALARM UP Povidone

    AQUALARM UP Ophthalmic Solution contains:

    • 2% Povidone: This active will act by moistening the eyes perfectly and providing immediate relief and freshness.
    • A High Tolerance Formula : The AQUALARM UP Ophthalmic Solution is perfect for restoring the comfort of your eyes or for lubricating contact lenses.

    Advice for use of the AQUALARM UP Ophthalmic Solution

    Tilt your head back, drop a drop into the conjunctival sac, close your eye and move it to distribute the product evenly. Repeat for the other eye.

    According to your needs, instill 1 drop of Aqualarm UP in the conjunctival cul-de-sac.
    You can use it daily as frequently as desired.

    Composition of AQUALARM UP 2% Povidone Ophthalmic Solution

    Povidone 2%
    Without Conservative agent

    Composed of povidone , a synthesized organic polymer, this Aqualarm Up eye drops improves the lubrication of the eye by moistening the cornea and depositing a protective film that prevents microbial toxins from attaching to the eye wall. Slightly antiseptic, it also eliminates dust and bacteria. It is deposited on the conjunctiva , the part of the eye located at the level of the base of the eyelids, its action is propagated by the movement of the latter which, by closing and opening, spread the product over the whole the cornea. Its effect is immediate and soothing .

    Precaution of use

    Avoid touching the tip with your fingers.

    Can be preserved 3 months after opening.
    Aqualarm can be used in contact lens wearers.

    Presentation of eye drops AQUALARM UP 2% Povidone Ophthalmic solution BAUSCH & LOMB

    bottle of 10 ml

    Our expert advice in pharmacy

    Aqualarm Up Eye Drops is an eye care product that is applied ophthalmically to provide relief from lachrymal insufficiency and relief of dry eye. This chronic disorder, likely to affect everyone but which appears most often with age, may be due to the taking of certain drugs, such as anxiolytics or hormonal treatments, to a particular sensitivity to pollution or air-conditioned environments , wearing lenses or simply old age. It is manifested by discomfort to light, tingling and burning sensation or eyelids stuck, especially when waking.

    Eye Care Pharmacy

    Taking care of your eyes is an essential step in facial care to moisturize and prevent skin aging . The outline of the eye is a particularly sensitive area that quickly gives us a tired look. Crow's feet, puffiness, dark circles, to wake up a glimpse off a difficult night or heckled, we draw his anti-fatigue weapon: the eye area.

    Taking care of the outline of your eyes is not only a question of beauty, it is also a problematic health and well-being : Discover our selection of pharmaceutical products adapted to the natural care of your eyes.

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