STERIMAR Manganese Nose subject to allergy Nasal Spray

STERIMAR Manganese Nose subject to allergy Nasal Spray View larger

Stérimar Manganese (Mn) is a 100% natural, preservative-free, physiological saline * solution for allergy-sensitive noses in adults, children and infants.

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    STERIMAR Manganese Nose subject to allergy Nasal Spray

    Many scientists lend manganese therapeutic or preventive anti-allergic properties . Indeed, manganese is a trace element that intervenes in antioxidant reactions, which can limit the damage caused by inflammation. In addition, manganese participates in the construction of cells. If it fails, the mucous membranes become more permeable, and may pass allergens ... Refueling manganese is essential to avoid weakening the body.

    Description of STERIMAR Manganese Nose subject to allergy

    STÉRIMAR Manganese , medical device, is recommended in the infant, the child and the adult in case of nose subject to allergies (allergic rhinitis, respiratory allergies):

    • Its physiological seawater solution, enriched with manganese, helps sensitive noses cope with allergen attacks such as: pollen, atmospheric pollution (ozone peaks), household dust (mites), animal hair. .
    • Used in cure of 3 months on all the period at risk allergic, STÉRIMAR Manganese is then particularly adapted.

    Advice for use and reviews on sterimar nose allergy-related

    STÉRIMAR Manganese is used in cure of 10 to 15 days. 2 to 4 sprays per day in each nostril depending on the intensity of the symptoms related to allergies (tearing, runny nose ...).

    Composition of nasal spray STERIMAR Manganese

    STÉRIMAR Manganese is a physiological solution filtered, 100% natural, enriched in manganese and without preservative.
    Rich in mineral salts and marine trace elements, especially in manganese, STÉRIMAR® Manganese helps to prevent allergies.
    ( Physiological solution: a solution whose salt concentration is similar to that of the cells of our organism ).
    Sea water: 31.82 ml
    Manganese salt monohydrate
    Purified water qs

    Precaution of use with sterimar manganese

    The use of STÉRIMAR Hygiene of the nose is then recommended in relay of STÉRIMAR Manganese .
    STÉRIMAR Manganese can also be combined with a specific treatment to optimize the action.

    Presentation of STERIMAR Manganese Nose subject to allergy Nasal Spray

    Aerosol 50 ml & 100 ml

    Natural Remedies Ear Nose Throat: Nose, throat and ears are the gateways to viruses and other bacteria. Discover our new range of bio pharmaceuticals to effectively treat the nose, throat and ears

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