Quinton Isotonic 30 phials

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Quinton Isotonic phials is a 100% natural solution and contains all the minerals and trace elements the body needs to regenerate.

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Used for : drainage, convalescence, dehydration, deficiency

contains: plasma sailor, marine plasma, marine plasma

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    Quinton Isotonic 30 phials

    Water Quinton isotonic allows to revitalize the body, because it makes assimilable vitamins. Indeed, a micronutrient deficiency does not allow for proper assimilation of vitamins.

    Also called "Isotonic Quinton marine plasma", because of its properties, the solution has been recognized for 100 years as antioxidant, anti-aging, mineralizing and thereby enables a restoration of health in those who need it.
    Quinton Isotonic contains the same amount of minerals and trace elements that our blood plasma.

    Description Quinton Isotonic

    Quinton Drinkable Isotonic is recommended by many naturopaths as part of various skin problems, encrinologique order, gastroenterology, gynecology, immunological, neurological, urological, vascularization problems DYS disorders, cancerous conditions.

    Some therapists also used to supplement water QUINTON hypertonic for convalescence, against poisoning and is an ideal solution for infants.


    Quinton Isotonic is used to slow aging in the elderly and retired or in case of fatigue and enhancement of the immune system.
    Quinton Isotonic drinkable bulbs can be eaten without exception by any person regardless of age. It is recommended systematically from the fifties. There is no incompatibility with drugs.

    Directions for use of Quinton Isotonic bulbs

    The most widespread use is the oral absorption, 2 to 6 ampoules per day depending on the symptoms. To take the morning before breakfast or between meals. Hold the liquid under the tongue for a minute.

    The isotonic water as hypertonic water can also be used as a compress (for skin problems, for example), cataplasms, mouthwash, nasal spray or eye solution.


    Aqua Marina Totale, ocean, natural, micro filtered cold, reduced to isotonicity (9%) with Aqua Fontana, non mineral, not medicinal, bacteriologically pure, naturally sterile

    Precaution of use

    Do not exceed the recommended daily dose. Keep out of reach of children. This dietary supplement can not replace a varied, balanced diet and a healthy lifestyle.

    Introducing QUINTON isotonic solution

    Box of 30 phials.

    Our Pharmacy expert advice

    The isotonic solution QUINTON works deep into the cells, and is therefore particularly suitable for dehydration (sea water rehydrates the body much better than fresh water in case of infantile gastroenteritis, cholera, or malnutrition), for deficiencies in trace elements and minerals, for chronic diseases order.

    This water is optimal for all cases falling within the renal system. Indeed, the works of Louis Claude Vincent shown that taking a low mineral water concomitantly with Quinton plasma optimizes the activity of nephrons (functional unit of the kidneys for the purification and filtration of the blood).

    The Quinton Laboratories are pharmaceutical companies focused exclusively on the preparation of micro-filtered cold seawater.

    Direct heirs of the biologist and physiologist René Quinton, our Laboratories are distinguished by their scrupulous respect for the original method of its founder upgrading of the European Pharmacopoeia.

    Laboratories are open to any request for additional information on Marine Therapy and use of Quinton specialties.

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