Mona Lisa Nt Cu380 Copper IUD


Copper IUD Mona Lisa Cu380 Nt are effective for 5 years. Mona Lisa Cu3 80 Nt is a copper IUD for women with a uterine cavity of 6 to 9 cm.

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    • Long-term contraception in women of childbearing age, not pregnant and whose gynecological examination is normal.

    • Emergency contraception if unsafe sex goes back to less than 120 hours. Pelvic infections should be considered.

    • Postpartum and post-abortion contraception. The IUD can be inserted immediately after a voluntary interruption of pregnancy or spontaneous miscarriage, or within 48 hours after delivery by a low-level procedure, outside a septic context. In these cases, the risks associated with laying are higher. Insertion may be delayed after involution of the uterus is complete, ie 6 weeks after abortion or delivery by the low route and 12 weeks after caesarean section.

    Description of Diu Mona Lisa Cu380 Nt Copper IUD

    The Copper IUD Mona Lisa Cu380 Nt is an Intra Uterine Device (IUD) composed of:

    - a polyethylene T-shaped body measuring approximately 32mm in width and 32mm in height.

    - a copper wire wound around the vertical rod of 0.40 mm diameter giving a diffusion surface of 380 mm2

    - a monofilament of nylon attached to the rod, allowing the control and the removal of the device.

    The device is rendered radio-opaque by the addition of barium sulphate.

    Mona Lisa is placed in an inserter with a measuring ring. The MONA LISA NT Cu380 device is suitable for uteri with a length between 6.5 and 9 cm 48 It is recommended by the manufacturer to replace this device every 5 years

    using advice

    The Sterilet in Copper Mona Lisa Nt Cu 380 is put in place during a simple consultation, either by a general practitioner, a gynecologist or a midwife.

    Before placement, it may be useful to perform a hysterometry (a graduated stem is inserted into the uterus to evaluate the shape, dimensions and sensitivity of the uterus). In principle, inserting an IUD is painful or not painful. Women who have never had a pregnancy can take anti-pain medications 2 hours before laying. The laying itself is very fast. It lasts less than a minute.


    The Mona Lisa® NT Cu380 intrauterine device (IUD) consists of a T-shaped polyethylene structure. The longitudinal branch is sheathed with copper wire. The copper surface is 380 mm2. Two wires for removing the device are attached to the lower end of the longitudinal branch. Dimensions: 31.8 mm ± 0.2 mm wide, 31.9 mm ± 0.2 mm long. The polyethylene structure and the copper sheath are visible during radiological examinations.

    Precaution of use

    Do not use Mona Lisa® NT Cu380 in case of:

    1. Suspected or proven pregnancy

    2. Morphological abnormalities of the uterine cavity (congenital or acquired uterine malformations, fibroids deforming the uterine cavity, tumors, polyps)

    3. Cervical or suspected neoplasia of the cervix or endometrium

    4. Undiagnosed genital haemorrhage

    5. Past history of pelvic inflammation less than 3 months old, sexually transmitted bacterial infections (STIs) within 3 months prior to surgery; Infection of the genital tract in progress or recurrent, post-partum or post-abortion puerperal infection

    6. Multiple sexual partners with high STI risk

    7. Copper IUDs are contraindicated in patients with Wilson's disease or copper hypersensitivity


    1 copper IUD Mona Lisa Nt Cu380

    Our expert advice in pharmacy

    Insertion period: Insertion must be made in the first part of the cycle. It is advisable to practice it at the end of the period, the most favorable period.

    Withdrawal period: The Intra Uterine Device will preferably be removed during menstruation.

    The reinsertion of a new IUD can take place immediately.

    Installation technique: It is imperative that the installation is carried out by an experienced health professional, equipped with the appropriate instruments, in compliance with the conditions of asepsis.

    The IUD package must not have been opened or damaged.

    The practice of a careful hysterometry makes it possible to determine the uterine direction and depth.

    After opening the package, handle the device flat or pointing upwards to avoid the risk of falling onto the floor.

    Withdrawal technique: The withdrawal may be carried out if the patient wishes a pregnancy or during a renewal. It is necessary to replace the IUD after 5 years.

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