Glycérice Suppository Adult Cooper Box 50 on sale in our online pharmacy, used c GAINST transient constipation in adults.

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Description Cooper Glycérice Suppository Adult Box of 50

Cooper Glycérice Suppository Adult Box of 50 are indicated for the symptomatic treatment of constipation low, especially rectal dyschezia and preparation to endoscopic examinations of the rectum. The glycerin suppositories causes rapid evacuation of rectosigmoid causing the defecation reflex. This occurs within 5 to 30 minutes after dosing.

Laxative rectally, Glycérice Suppository Adult Cooper Box 50 has the active ingredient glycerol stimulates peristalsis and reduces the absorption of water due to its hygroscopic and osmotic power. It also has a local irritant involved in the defecation reflex.

Using advice from Glycérice Suppository Adult Cooper Box of 50

Rectally - For adults.
Use 5-30 minutes before the time chosen for the exemption to be renewed within a half hour or an hour of when rebel constipation.

Treatment of constipation should not, on average, exceed 10 days. The suppository can be soaked in cold water to facilitate the introduction.

Dosage: 1 to 2 suppository per day until a saddle per day.

Composition Cooper Glycérice Suppository Adult Box of 50

Glycerin 60 g / 100 g.
Excipients: Gelatin 10 g, 30 g water.

Precaution of use

Do not use Glycérice Suppository Adult Cooper Box of 50 in case of glycerol allergy. Do not exceed the prescribed dose. Keep out of reach of children.

Introducing Glycérice Suppository Adult Cooper Box of 50

Box of 50 suppositories.

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