COMPEED HCS Bulb Plant Foot Box 5 bandages for sale in our space baby. - Maternity dressings Compeed plant bulbs foot instantly relieve pain. They are especially designed for athletes.

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    Description Compeed HCS Bulb Plant Foot Box 5 bandages

    When an intensive sports causes the formation of a bulb under the foot, the foot of the plant HCS Compeed bulb provides immediate relief and accelerated healing.

    - Specifically designed to fit the foot.
    - The thicker zone instantly relieves pain and protects friction.
    - Stays in place even during intense sports activity.
    - Waterproof, dirt and bacteria to prevent infection.
    - Creates an optimal environment to help skin heal faster.

    Council Compeed use of HCS Bulb Plant Foot Box 5 bandages

    Apply the dressing on the bulb of the foot, on a clean, dry and not infected. Avoid contact with the adhesive.

    Keep it until complete healing (About 4-5 days). When the bulb is healed, the dressing comes off naturally. Pull it gently along the skin.

    Composition Compeed HCS Bulb Plant Foot 5 dressings box

    Artificial Elastomer, Tackifier Resins, Hydrocolloid Particles (Sodium Carboxymethyl Cellulose) Plasticiser, Polyurethane Film.

    Precaution of use

    The Compeed dressings are designed to stay in place until healing is complete. Do not remove the bandage the day after its application: it would tear the skin of the bulb and cause a painful open wound. For people with diabetes, it is recommended to consult a doctor.

    Compeed presentation HCS Bulb Plant Foot 5 dressings box

    Box of 5 dressings.

    Buy Compeed hydrocolloid dressings in your bio pharmacy online at the best price

    By creating an environment that promotes rapid wound healing , COMPEED® Bulbs offer superior healing capabilities and faster pain relief than conventional wound dressings. Order our new range of body care dressings in your online pharmacy with the advice and opinions of our pharmacy doctor.

    How do COMPEED hydrocolloid dressings work?

    COMPEED healing dressings promote moist wound healing and fit like a second skin on the wound.

    Hydrocolloid particles (hydrating and protective active gel) in the Compeed dressing absorb fluid secreted naturally by the wound during healing. The dressing forms a protective pad (white layer) over the injured tissue to relieve the pressure in a durable manner and thereby reduce pain due to wound friction.

    The pad protects the wound or wound and keeps it moist, without sticking to the wound. The outer layer of the dressing consists of a semi-occlusive polyurethane film that allows excess fluid to evaporate outward and retains only the fluid required for complete healing of the wound.

    COMPEED® creates the optimal conditions for rapid healing of the blister and other types of wounds , irritations or skin wounds .

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