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Hémoclar 0.5% cream is a topical treatment extra mild trauma (hematoma or bruise, blue, strokes) in adults and children from one year.

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For warnings, precautions for use and against-indications, please see the instructions for use of HEMOCLAR cream without prescription.

Description of HEMOCLAR hematoma cream

Hémoclar 0.5% cream is a topical treatment extra mild trauma (hematoma or bruise, blue, strokes) in adults and children from one year.

A bruise or hematoma correspond to a collection of blood under the skin, in a muscle or an organ. The amount of blood is more important during a hematoma. Depending on its cause, its size or location hematoma can cause problems.

Composition of cream HEMOCLAR

Polyester sulfuric pentosan: 0.500 g per 100 g of cream.

Excipients: nonionic emulsifying wax with cétostéaromacrogol, Corn oil polyglycolysée, glycerol, propylene glycol (E1520), Methyl paraben (E218), levulinic acid, sodium hydroxide, purified water.

Excipients with known effect: Propylene glycol (E1520), Methyl paraben (E218).

Dosage cream HEMOCLAR

Apply Hémoclar 0.5% cream 2-4 times a day on the area to be treated by massaging slightly to facilitate penetration.


history of allergy or decrease the number of platelets in the blood after taking anticoagulant treatment with heparin or related products to heparin.

Known allergy (hypersensitivity) to other components (methyl paraben and propylene glycol) of Hémoclar 0.5% cream.


external use only. Do not swallow.

The drug Hémoclar 0.5% cream contains propylene glycol and may cause skin irritation.

The drug Hémoclar 0.5% cream contains "paraben" and may cause allergic reactions.

Stop the treatment for allergic skin reactions.

Does not apply in the immediate vicinity of the eyes, mucous membranes, to wounds, on burns, on infected lesions or oozing dermatitis.

Wash hands after use to avoid contact with eyes or mucous membranes.

Using other medicines: Sink To eventual interactions between multiple drugs, it should be noted systematically any other ongoing treatment with your doctor or pharmacist.

Pregnancy and lactation: It is best not to use this médicmanet during pregnancy and lactation. If you discover you are pregnant, consult your doctor, only he can judge the need for further treatment.

Excessive use may cause a worsening of adverse reactions, including skin irritation.

Side effects: Like any active product, this drug can, in some people, cause more or less bothersome effects. Possibility of localized allergic reactions at the application site. Due to the presence of propylene glycol, this medicine can cause skin irritation. Due to the presence of methyl paraben, this drug can cause allergic reactions (possibly delayed).

Route of administration: Cutaneous

Capacity cream HEMOCLAR

30 g tube

Read the notice carefully before utilisation.

What does a hematoma or bruise?

A bruise or hematoma correspond to a blood bag under the skin, in a muscle or an organ.
Ecchymosis ( "blue") causes an effusion of blood under the skin more diffuse than a bruise, with a much less pronounced swelling. Beyond a few days, this blue-violet spot turns green and ocher yellow.
Bruising under the skin ( "subcutaneous") appear as bluish lesions and swollen by the presence of blood. They result from the breakdown of larger blood vessels than those affected when occurring bruising.
Depending on their location, bruising may be associated with other signs.

• When the lid is concerned ( "black eye") and the local swelling is important, it can go up to close the eye completely and prevent vision.
• When the hematoma is under a fingernail (hematoma "subungual"), for example in the big toe, it appears blue and very painful to pressure or spontaneously (throbbing).
When the hematoma is within a muscle (direct shock or breakdown), the muscle can swell to the point of compressing the nerves or blood vessels that go down to the member.

Warnings about medications

Attention drug Hémoclar 0.5% cream is not a product like any other. Read the medications manual Hémoclar 0.5% cream before ordering. Do not let drugs out of reach of children. If symptoms persist, seek the advice of your doctor or pharmacist. Beware of incompatibilities on your current products.

Tell your pharmacist Online ongoing treatment to identify any incompatibilities. The order confirmation form contains a custom message field provided for this purpose.

Click here to find the manual of this drug on the website of the National Agency of Drug Safety and health products.

Pharmacovigilance : Declare one or effect (s) undesirable (s) connected (s) to the use of a drug Hémoclar 0.5% cream.

Cliquez ici pour retrouver la notice de ce médicament sur le site de l'Agence Nationale de Sécurité du Médicament et des produits de santé.

Pharmacovigilance : Déclarer un ou des effet(s) indésirable(s) lié(s) à l'utilisation d'un médicament

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