Bach Original Flower Remedies 20ml Holly HOLLY

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Fleurs de Bach ORIGINAL

Bach Original Flower Remedies 20ml Holly HOLLY

Bach Flowers - Holly Ref. 783965 1
Tinted bottle with dropper 20ml
Holly (Ilex aquifolium)

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    Bach Original Flower Remedies 20ml Holly HOLLY

    Dr. Bach Flower - Holly Ref. 783965 1
    Tinted bottle with dropper 20ml
    Holly (Ilex aquifolium)

    Holly (Ilex aquifolium)

    The negative character of Holly is consumed by hatred, envy and jealousy. With perhaps unconsciously insecurity, these people are suspicious and aggressive. They are unable to love and live in a constant state of anger towards others.

    They tend to have a bad temper, a heart of stone, even cruel and sometimes violent. Internally they suffer - often without good reason. They often suffered from a lack of love or emotional injury in childhood and therefore have closed their hearts.

    Holly is the Bach Flower suitable for children jealous of their brothers and sisters. It is important Bach flower for those interested in spiritual development as it allows to be able to give selfless love.

    The positive potential of Holly is a generous person in heart, capable of giving without asking for anything in return. This is an affectionate and endearing compassionate person who is willing to share a non-exclusive, even when she has her own personal problems. Supported by a sense of inner harmony, she sincerely welcomes the success of others. Dr. Bach wrote: "Holly protects us from everything that is not universal love Holly opens the heart and unites us to God's love.".

    Dosage Bach Original Flower Remedies 20ml Holly HOLLY

    Add two drops in a glass of water and drink in small sips.
    Keep the dose a time in mouth before swallowing.
    A repeat to improve your discomfort.

    Balance your emotions naturally

    The 38 Flowers Bach® Original is a dietary supplement that target specific emotions and act gently to better manage emotional states.

    Bach Flowers are used for more than 80 years worldwide. Very simple to use, Bach® Original Flower are natural.

    No side effects or cons-indication, gasolines Bach Original Flower can be used by the whole family, even children and pregnant women.

    bach flowers

    Bach Flowers ORIGINAL: Find the full range of original Bach flower which flower essences Rescue. We also propose to make your mixes Bach Original Flower customized in our specialized laboratory.


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