Bach Original Flower Remedies 20ml ASPEN Aspen

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Fleurs de Bach ORIGINAL

Bach Original Flower Remedies 20ml ASPEN Aspen: The Aspen suits those who, for no particular reason, are seized with sudden fear and anxiety, which can be generally tense and anxious. It typically needs to use the Aspen when you wake up terrified by a bad dream, even if they forgot what it was

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    Bach Original Flower Remedies 20ml ASPEN Aspen


    Bach Flowers - Aspen Ref. 783 950 4
    Tinted bottle with dropper 20ml
    Aspen (Populus tremula)


    Description Bach Original Flower Remedies 20ml ASPEN Aspen


    The Aspen suitable for those without any particular reason, are captured fears and concerns sudden, and can be generally tense and anxious. It typically needs to use the Aspen when you wake up terrified by a bad dream, even if you have forgotten what it was. The Aspen helps young children have nightmares and night terrors (see also Rock Rose - Rock Rose).

    These fears are manifested both day and night. A hunch or an inexplicable anxiety can grab you when you're alone, or suddenly while you are in the company of friends.

    Sweating or tremors may accompany these attacks of terror and sudden unexplained.

    The positive potential of Aspen is a sense of inner peace, security and freedom from fear. The apprehension is replaced by a desire for adventure and new experiences, regardless of the difficulties and dangers.

    The Aspen can realize with love can endure anything. And Dr. Bach stated: "Once we risk awareness, we are above the pain and suffering, above worries, concerns or fears, above all, except the joy of living, serenity before death and the certainty of notreimmortalité ... we can follow this path without fear in confronting the dangers and difficulties. "


    Dosages Bach Original Flower Remedies 20ml ASPEN Aspen


    Add two drops in a glass of water and drink in small sips.
    Keep the dose a time in mouth before swallowing.
    A repeat to improve your discomfort.

    Balance your emotions naturally

    The 38 Flowers Bach® Original is a dietary supplement that target specific emotions and act gently to better manage emotional states.

    Bach Flowers are used for more than 80 years worldwide. Very simple to use, Bach® Original Flower are natural.

    No side effects or cons-indication, gasolines Bach Original Flower can be used by the whole family, even children and pregnant women.

    bach flowers

    ORIGINAL Bach Flowers: Find the full range of Original Bach Flowers, including the Rescue Flower Essences. We also suggest you to make your own bespoke Original Bach Flower Blends in our specialized laboratory.

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