PHYSIOLOGICAL SERUM GIFRER 40 DOSE: PHYSIOLOGICA Unidoses GIFRER are intended for ophthalmic and nasal hygiene of the small child.

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    Very convenient format, Serum Physiological Gifrer Unidoses 40 is presented in the form of single doses of 5 ml of sterile solution of Sodium Chloride. Saline (also called liquid or saline) is a liquid isotonic to blood (corresponding to a concentration of solute). The saline solution is used in medicine for the baby including toilet and clean the nose, ears or eyes, babies and children in particular.
    Washing nose

    The saline content will remove the mucus that clogs the noses of babies and small children.
    Eye Health

    Single-dose PHYSIOLOGICA are indicated for the cleaning eyes.

    Ophthalmic and nasal saline solution 5ml Box 40 pods

    Very convenient format, the PHYSIOLOGICA solution is presented in the form of single doses of 5 ml of sterile solution of Sodium Chloride.

    Description PHYSIOLOGICA nasal solution Ophthalmic and Physiological 5ml Box 40 pods

    -for nasal wash, Physiologica facilitates cleaning of toddlers often obstructed by the mucus.Il helps eliminate secretions excessives.grace to its moisturizing action Physiologica quickly relieves nasal dryness in adults.

    - For ocular hygiene, Physiologica can be used for hygiene of the outer part of the eyes (eyelids) in infants as in children and adults.

    Using advice and opinion on PHYSIOLOGICA nasal physiological and ophthalmic solution 5ml Box 40 pods

    Ocular use, wash the eye with the solution and wipe with a sterile compress.

    Nasal use 1-6 times a day, put the child in a lying position, and insert the tip into the nostril, pressing gently. Raise the child and wipe off excess liquid.

    PHYSIOLOGICA composition and physiological nasal solution Ophthalmic 5ml Box 40 pods

    Physiologica: sodium chloride 0.9 g, purified water qs 100 ml

    Introducing PHYSIOLOGICA nasal solution Ophthalmic and Physiological 5ml Box 40 pods

    Box of 40 pods Physiological Serum Gifrer

    Discard begun dose.
    Do not inject.
    Do not use the same dose for several people.
    Do not use the same dose for nasal and eye wash.

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