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Baby thrush preparation The essential oils used to treat oral disease in infants caused by a yeast called Candida albicans.

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Used for : oral abscess, tooth abscess, baby thrush, infant thrush

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    Presentation of the essential oils baby Muguet preparation liquid

    Treating thrush nursling with a liquid preparation with essential oils:

    Thrush appears as a milky-white coating that lines primarily language, inside the cheeks and lips, gums or the palate. These deposits are resistant to cleaning, unlike traces of milk with which they are sometimes confused and which themselves are evacuated easily. Without treatment, thrush may continue its journey through the digestive tract, reaching the anus and cause a diaper rash, resistant to usual treatment.

    This is Candida albicans. This is a natural part of our intestinal flora. It becomes pathogenic under specific conditions favoring the multiplication (pregnancy, antibiotics will disrupt the balance). It then develops more easily in the toddler that his immune system is not yet fully mature.

    During a vaginal delivery, the baby comes into contact with the vaginal flora of the mother. Candida albicans present invades her mouth and begins to proliferate. Initially, the whitish clusters are microscopic and not be detectable at the fifteenth day of the examination. However, the baby is already troubled, begins to cry as soon as he heads the breast or the nipple of the bottle. If it absorbs less and less food, it can lose a lot of weight, hence the importance for concern. A maternity, contamination can also occur from a newborn to another via the hands of caregivers.

    Baby Muguet preparation essential oils liquid is used to guérrir oral infection of candida albicans traditionally called the Muguet the nursling.

    If Muguet infant, essential oils are primarily used to treat:


    • infant thrush
    • oral infections baby


    Traditionally used to

    - Infant Thrush



    Preparation of essential oils against thrush infant 5ml for:


    Essential oil 1 drop ANIBA ROSAEODORA

    Essential oil of laurel (Laurus nobilis) 1 drop

    Oil of Cymbopogon Martinii 1 drop

    Vegetable oil 1 drop of Calendula



    Apply 2 or 3 drops finger (clean), 3times per day, in all of the mouth, on mucous membranes, for 10 days.


    Precaution of use

    Formula déstinée children.


    Source preparation of essential oils against thrush liquid infant

    Formula "My bible essential oils", complete aromatherapy guide. Ed Leduc, Danièle Aroma, P370.



    Essential oils are endowed with impressive reactive power. Observe scrupulously the prescribed doses, they are the fruit of long experience researcher. An excess would bring nothing more therapeutically but might, on the contrary, cause unwanted side effects.


    The preparation of essential oils against the baby thrush liquid should be used with care:


    • what works for one type of thrush in infants is not suitable necessarily for another: for example, is not treated the same way an external injury as can treat thrush baby on mucosal already sensitized by burns or tingling.
    • what works in a very healthy person is not suitable for other types of patients, including:
      • pregnant women,
      • young children,
      • immunocompromised persons,
      • the seriously ill, etc.
    officinal preparation laboratory of cosmetics and accessories, specialized in the use of natural assets. We are one of the few establishments in France may provide, upon request by you, the control sheets and results of the analysis of each product delivered.

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