Oil Blends for Friction and Massage 

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Which essential oils are used in friction? Friction is particularly suitable for invigorating care, designed to energize and provide energy and vitality. You can also discover our essential massage oils particularly adapted to relaxing, anti-cellulite, tonic, and sensual treatments.

You can rub your chest (respiratory tracts), your legs (circulatory), your stomach (stomach pain), your solar plexus (regulate nervous tension), put a few drops in the bath. It gives you well-being and relaxation.

Discover our new range of essential oils to rub the body in pharmacy.

An aromatic massage can be practiced on yourself or on one of your relatives without special knowledge of professional techniques. It is necessary to perform a full body massage or massage large areas, dilute in a vegetable oil that will reduce the risk of irritation.

What dosage is recommended to prepare a massage oil?

It is recommended by aromatherapists to dilute in a tablespoon of vegetable oil about 8 drops of essential oils for adults. Do not practice massage with essential oils on children.

Depending on the case, you can use a single essential oil or mix several that will act in synergy and potentiate the effect of massage.

There is no particular vegetable oil recommended for massages. Sweet almond oil is often used because it is readily available, inexpensive and fairly stable over time. But if you have another one at hand, it will be perfect.

Do not use mineral oil such as paraffin (obtained from a petroleum refinery) which is occlusive (clogs the pores of the skin) and prevents the passage of essential oils through the skin.

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