API-BIOXAL oxalic acid for treatment of varroa in the bee hive

API-BIOXAL oxalic acid for treatment of varroa in the bee hive View larger

API-BIOXAL oxalic acid powder for treatment of varroa in the bee hive

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    Pharmacodynamic properties

    Oxalic acid is effective against Varroa mites phoretic. Studies on the mechanism of action of oxalic acid indicated that its low pH greatly contributes to its acaricide effect. The oxalic acid acts mainly on the legs of mites and membranes of the exoskeleton, but was not detected in the food system. Mites therefore receive the contact acid.

    Description API-BIOXAL

    target species
    Bees (Apis mellifera).
    Indications for use, specifying the target species
    In honeybees (Apis mellifera):
    - Treatment of varroa (Varroa destructor parasite of Apis mellifera).

    Dosage and route of administration of API-BIOXAL

    When processing in the hive, the product should be used as follows:
    A) Dosage and administration drip:
    Wear a mask, gloves and eye protection when opening the bag. Pour all the powder in the stated amount of syrup (water and sucrose in a 1: 1) and mix until dissolved. Concentration of the solution: 4.2% (w / v) oxalic acid in 60% (w / v) sucrose syrup.

    - 35 g sachet: dissolve in 500 ml of syrup (treatment for about 10 hives).

    - 175 g sachet: dissolve in 2.5 liters of syrup (treatment for about 50 hives).

    - 350 g sachet: dissolve in 5.0 liters of syrup (treatment to about 100 hives).
    Treatment should be administered only once. The required dosage is 5 ml per frame between (space between the upper cross frames) of bees. The product should be administered using a syringe by applying the length of each connecting frame. The maximum dose is 50 ml per hive. Up to two treatments per year (winter and / or spring / summer).

    B) Dosage and administration sublimation:

    Use an electrical resistance device for sublimation. Fill the tank of the unit with 2.3 g of product. Place the device at the entrance of the hive as the bees, avoiding contact with honeycombs. Close the entrance to prevent the smoke and the bees do not escape from the hive. Operate the unit for about 3 minutes by following the manufacturer's instructions and keep the hive well closed for another 15 minutes.

    Cool and clean the appliance after use to remove any residues (max 6%, about 0.140 g). Use potable water for cooling and / or cleaning. maximum dose of 2.3 g per hive in a single administration. One treatment per year.

    It is recommended to use the product in hives have screened funds.

    API-BIOXAL composition

    One gram contains:
    Substance (s) active (s): Oxalic Acid (as dihydrate) 632.7 mg (886 mg of oxalic acid dihydrate)
    List of excipients Colloidal hydrated silica
    glucose monohydrate

    Special warnings for each target species

    To be most effective, the product must be used in the absence of brood in the colony or when the amount of brood is at its lowest levels. Oxalic acid does not penetrate the wax, therefore it does not kill the mites that are inside the capped brood; the presence of brood can therefore substantially reduce the effectiveness of the product. Therefore, the product should be used in winter or after handling the colony for a lack of brood in summer (eg caging the queen). Regarding the summer following treatments caging the queen, the highest levels of efficiency were achieved when the caging period was at least 25 days, it is at this point that the colonies found themselves entirely without brood. Despite appropriate treatment, seriously damaged colonies may not survive the effects caused by infestation with varroa.

    IPM program

    The efficacy may vary between colonies due to the conditions (residual presence of brood temperature, reinfestation etc.). Therefore the product should be used as a treatment amongst other within an IPM program against varroa mites and the fall should be regularly monitored.

    Precaution of use

    i) Special precautions for use in animals

    Administer treatment without increases. All colonies in the same apiary should be treated simultaneously to avoid reinfestation. Avoid disturbing the hives in the days following the treatment. Administration of the product by sublimation is not recommended in summer.

    ii) Special precautions to be taken by the person administering the veterinary medicinal product to animals

    The powder can cause contact dermatitis or skin irritation, eye and respiratory avoid direct contact with skin or inhalation. When handling of powder (during phases of sublimation and pre-treatment), wear a protective mask comply with European Standard EN149 (type FFP2), gloves and goggles. After application, wash hands and the materials that were in contact with the product with soap and water. After contact with skin, wash the area with soap and water. In case of contact with eyes, wash them with water and consult a doctor. Do not inhale. If accidentally inhaled, breathe fresh air. If a person is experiencing difficulty breathing, call a doctor and show the product label. If swallowed, do not induce vomiting and call a doctor and tell him these precautions. Do not eat, drink or smoke while handling.

    Adverse reactions (frequency and seriousness)

    Colonies may be slightly agitated during treatment. An increase in adult bee mortality can be observed after treatment with the product.

    API-BIOXAL presentation

    Pharmaceutical form
    Powder for treatment in the hive.
    Fine white powder.

    Bag of 35 g to 10 colonies *
    Bag of 175 g for 50 colonies *
    Bag of 350 g to 100 colonies *

    * Assuming 10 frames of bees per hive treated by drip

    The duration of the conversation

    the veterinary medicinal product shelf life as packaged for sale: 3 years.

    Shelf life after first opening the sachet: 3 months.

    The product is stable for 24 hours after being mixed with the syrup

    Number (s) of the marketing authorization

    FR / V / 6/2015 1748622

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