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Ménophytea Silhouette Water Retention 45 years+ is a food supplement specially designed to help women aged 45 and over to reduce swelling of the silhouette due to excess water.

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Used for : drainage, rétention d'eau, silhouette

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What are the indications for Ménophytea Silhouette Water retention 45 years+?

Ménophytea Silhouette Water Retention 45 years+ is a food supplement to limit water retention , which is intended for women from the age of 45 , who experience the physical discomfort associated with menopause : taking a few kilos called "kilos of water", swelling of the figure for no apparent reason, arms, face or thighs.

Ménophytea Silhouette Water Retention 45 years+ is a natural concentrate with plant extracts selected for:

  • Boost elimination functions in the body
  • Actively eliminate water accumulated in the tissues
  • Combat feelings of body swelling .

What are the properties of this dietary supplement?

The food supplement Menophytea Silhouette Water Retention 45 years+ contains:

3 Plant extracts: Artichoke and Ash extracts are known to promote the elimination of toxins and the Hibiscus extract acts in synergy to stimulate the elimination of excess water in the tissues via the kidneys .

Vitamin B6: It is not synthesized by the body but is essential because it is a powerful antioxidant substance and promotes the elimination of toxins . It helps to regulate hormonal activity.

Thanks to Ménophytea Retention d'eau, intended for women aged 45 and over, you easily eliminate the water retained in the tissues and regain your figure.

Ménophytea tablets help to restart the process of elimination of water and toxins and maintain the silhouette by reducing uncomfortable swelling.

How to properly take this dietary supplement against water retention?

At breakfast, take 2 tablets with a large glass of water for 3 months in the attack phase.

Then in the maintenance phase, take 2 tablets a day for 15 consecutive days.

Comment on the recommendations for use and dosage of Menophytea Silhouette Water Retention 45 years + with our partner Avis checked after your purchase.

What is the composition of this aid against water retention?

Dry extract of artichoke leaves Cynara cardunculus L. var Scolymus – Dry extract of hibiscus flowers Hibiscus sabdariffa L. – Bulking agents: tricalcium phosphate, maltodextrin, rice starch, dicalcium phosphate – Dry extract of Ash Fraxinus excelsior leaves L. – Anti-caking agents: mono and diglycerides of fatty acids, magnesium stearate – Glazing agents: hydroxypropylmethylcellulose, hydroxypropylcellulose, talc, calcium carbonate – Dyes: indigotine E132, yellow iron oxide E172 – Vitamin B6 (pyridoxine hydrochloride) .

Nutritional composition For 2 cps % VNR

Dry extract of artichoke leaves 520 mg
Dry extract of hibiscus flowers 300 mg
Dry extract of ash leaves 60 mg
Vitamin B6 (pyridoxine hydrochloride) 0.21 mg 15%

NRV: Nutritional Reference Value

What are the precautions for use ?

Do not exceed the recommended daily dose. Keep out of reach of children. This dietary supplement cannot replace a varied, balanced diet and a healthy lifestyle.

Menophytea Silhouette Water Retention 45 Years+ is not suitable for growing children and adolescents, pregnant women or breastfeeding women.

Presentation - Packaging

Menophytea Silhouette Water Retention 45 years+ comes in the form of a box containing 30 tablets.

Our advice and advice from pharmacy experts

Pre-menopause is a period of irregularity in the female cycle, which generally begins around 45 and lasts several years, it precedes menopause with sometimes its share of worries: hot flashes, sweating, irritability, depression, etc.

Menopause leads to hormonal imbalance , a drop in estrogen, which will result in increased water retention by the body and swelling of certain parts of the body (hips, arms, thighs, etc.). That said, it is absolutely not inevitable!

Ménophytea water retention will help you eliminate this excess water. By selecting the best of nature, Ménophytea, expert in menopause, offers you a suitable solution to help you reduce uncomfortable swelling. Ménophytea Silhouette Retention d'eau, contains extracts of natural origin including hibiscus which helps to relaunch the water elimination process and artichoke which promotes the elimination of toxins.

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