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Cryopharma Wartner Cold Wart Treatment Feet Hands uses cryopotherapy to treat warts. Cryotherapy is a cold treatment that freezes the wart in the heart of the root. Cryopharma is the # 1 brand worldwide for removing warts.

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Used for : verrues, cryothérapie

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What is Cryopharma Wartner cold wart treatment for feet and hands used for?

Wartner Cryopharma Hand and Foot Warts Treatment is a fast and effective treatment for hand warts and plantar warts.

This treatment is based on a similar method of cryotherapy , to freeze the wart in the heart of the root . Thus, it allows the efficient and rapid elimination of common warts and plantar warts.

Usually the wart will come off after one application (within 10-14 days) and new healthy skin will form underneath.

How to properly use this treatment against warts?

The Cryopharma Wartner pen is used in 4 steps :

  1. Press the foam applicator onto the applicator holder.
  2. Press the applicator holder into the aerosol for 7 seconds.
  3. Wait 20 seconds after saturation of the foam to further lower the temperature.
  4. Hold the white end of the foam tip 20 seconds on a common wart or 40 seconds on a plantar wart.

Type of wart Diameter of wart Duration of treatment

  • common warts and warts on toes and arch less than 2.5mm 10 seconds.
  • Common warts and warts on toes and arch between 2.5mm and 5.0mm 15 seconds.
  • common warts and warts on the toes and arch over 5.0 mm 20 seconds.

all sizes max 40 seconds

Comment on the recommendations for use and dosage of Cryopharma Wartner Cold wart treatment feet and hands with our partner Avis checked after your purchase.

What is the composition of this cryotherapy treatment?

Pen composed of a CO2 cartridge (14 ml).

What are the precautions for use ?

This warts pen is not suitable for children under 4 years old. It should not be used on the face, crotch, private parts and scalp. Read the noice carefully to understand all the precautions.

Presentation - Packaging

Cryopharma Wartner Cold wart treatment contains 1 leaflet and 1 carbon dioxide pen with transparent cap

Warning: this product is an aerosol, it can only be shipped to European Union countries and Switzerland.

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