PSYLLIUM BLACK SEEDS IPHYM Herbs Plantago psyllium L. / P. indica L.

Black Psyllium - Whole seed pack 250 g View larger

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Black Psyllium - Whole seed pack 250 g

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Used for : stomach ulcer, Type 2 diabetes

contains: black psyllium

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    Black Psyllium - Whole seed pack 250 g

    PSYLLIUM BLACK SEEDS IPHYM Herbs Plantago psyllium L. / P. indica L.

    Latin name: Plantago psyllium L. / P. indica L.

    Family: Plantaginaceae

    Common Names: Grass flea pucier, Ispaghul

    Parts used: Seed

    Origin: Middle East, mediterranean basin


    Black psyllium laxative and has detoxifying properties (dissolves toxins in the gut). It is a cholesterol-lowering plant. potential activity is noted in the type 2 diabetes.

    Indications and uses PSYLLIUM BLACK SEED

    We use black psyllium seeds in the following therapeutic indications:

    - Occasional constipation, irritable bowel syndrome

    - Ulcers of the stomach and duodenum

    - Hypercholesterolemia

    - Type 2 diabetes

    Cons-indications with PSYLLIUM BLACK SEED

    - Avoid in cases of intestinal obstruction or stenosis of the pylorus

    - Caution in case of megacolon


    Constipation, but also stomach ulcers, colitis, gastro-enteritis.

    Soak for a few minutes 10 g of psyllium in 100 ml of warm water. Drink immediately to prevent the mixture thickens and gels.
    Then drink the equivalent of at least 200 ml of water to prevent the obstruction of the digestive tract. Repeat from 1 to 3 times per day, as needed.
    Gradually increase the dose until the desired effect.
    It may be necessary to continue treatment for at least 2 to 3 days before receiving a laxative effect optimal.

    common use: 1-2 tablespoons of seeds, previously soaked in cold water

    Botanical description PSYLLIUM BLACK SEED

    - Grass
    - Stem erect
    - Leaves elongated, narrow, opposing or 3
    - Fruits: pyxides containing seeds smooth, shiny, brownish (like fleas)

    Pharmacology PSYLLIUM BLACK SEED

    Active ingredients: Polysaccharides, sterols, iridoid

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