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Used for : constipation, weightloss

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Latin name: Plantago ovata F.

Family: Plantaginaceae

Common names: pink psyllium, Isabgol, blond psyllium, psyllium, plantain Indies

Parts used: Seeds, seeds

Origin: The country earned him his name plantain India.


- Hunger, related firstly to the volume it takes in the stomach, on the other hand the fact that it causes a slowdown and lower intestinal absorption of food (especially sugars and fats) during digestion, reducing caloric intake of meals which it is associated;

- Laxative using mechanical (increased volume and hydration of the intestinal bowl which greatly facilitates evacuation brings the ispaghul in the therapeutic class of laxatives).

- Protective in intestinal lining the walls of the intestine, protective dressing that has another advantage, the trapping bile salts which are then eliminated in the stool instead of being reabsorbed, causing the liver to manufacture new from cholesterol in circulation which, if too high, and will tend to decrease.

Indications and Uses of ISPAGHUL SEED (PSYLLIUM ROSE)

- Whenever it is necessary to re-educate the lazy intestines.
- To reduce food calories.


Drug treatment of constipation is only one adjuvant lifestyle changes:
- Enrichment plant fiber diet and drink
- Physical activity and rehabilitation of the exemption.


Leave for 1 teaspoon (about 5 to 6 g) of whole seeds or coarsely fragmented with about 100 ml of water and absorb this mixture several times a day before drinking 1 or 2 glasses of water.
It is strongly advised to drink plenty of water when taking Ispaghul to increase efficiency.

The duration of treatment in this form and at these doses is highly variable depending on the condition being treated and their importance. In general, it should be continued until the expected results.

In absolute safety, not generating any addictive and does not cause any side effects tract (except sometimes a slight intestinal bloating without gravity), the ispaghul can be used so long enough without any inconvenience.

Precautions of use

An interval of half an hour to an hour must be observed after the intake of other drugs.

Recommended associations with ISPAGHUL SEED (PSYLLIUM ROSE)

Lin (Seeds)
Green tea

Botanical Description ISPAGHUL (PSYLLIUM ROSE)

Plantain of India is rich in mucilage (25 to 30% of the dry seed) than any other species of plantain. This is the mucilage contained in the seed coat, which gives it its medicinal properties and it is also often the only seed coat which is marketed.


Integuments are able to absorb sixty times their volume in water. Once in the body they form a gel that increases the fecal and stimulates bowel movement which is significant for chronic constipation.

The high viscosity of this gel also makes it a very effective appetite suppressant.
The laxative and appetite suppressants make the Ispaghul an ally of dieting.

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