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Essential oils massage 

Buy your pharmacy Essential oils for massage: Massage is the fastest way to enjoy the benefits of an essential oil.

Massages with essential oils have been practiced since antiquity. Because they combine the benefits of massages themselves with the benefits of essential oils, they provide, depending on the essential oils used, relaxation, tonicity, relief, pleasure ...
The application of essential oils on the skin is one of the preferred routes for their use.

Essential oils have a great affinity for the skin. Once applied, they penetrate the epidermis very quickly. The presence of sebum, cholesterol and liposoluble triglycerides in the epidermis facilitates the passage of the active molecules, also fat soluble. The aromatic molecules will then access in a few seconds the many capillaries that irrigate the hypodermis then join the bloodstream to the neighboring organs and the entire organism. The effect is often very fast, especially when the essential oil is placed near or directly on the area concerned.

You can also discover our essential oils of friction particularly adapted to the invigorating cares, intended to provide energy and vitality.

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