Huile essentielle BIO Menthe des champs PRANAROM 10ml

Huile essentielle BIO Menthe des champs PRANAROM 10ml

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Organic essential oilMentha arvensis PRANAROM

What is PRANAROM Fieldmint BIO Essential Oil 10ml used for?

PRANAROM Organic Field Mint Essential Oil 10ml is a plant quintessence derived from Mentha arvensis, a plant with age-old virtues. Native to Europe, this species has spread throughout the world, testifying to its importance in the medicinal traditions of various cultures. This essential oil is not only a concentrate of history, but also of benefits for body and mind.

Benefits and active ingredients

The active ingredients inSpearmint essential oil, notably menthol, menthone andisomenthone, give this product stimulating tonic properties in low doses, and stupefying properties in higher doses, depending on the user's needs. Its analgesic and anesthetic action makes it an invaluable ally against pain and discomfort, while its antiheadache and antiviral virtues reinforce the body's natural defenses. Finally, its decongestant effect effectively relieves symptoms associated with respiratory ailments.

A wide range of uses

Thanks to its rich, complex composition,Organic Field Mint Essential Oil is versatile. It is equally at home in the first-aid kit for its effects on pain and headaches, and in everyday life to revitalize the mind and purify the air. Its unrivalled freshness is appreciated in aromatherapy to stimulate concentration and awaken the senses.

Why choose PRANAROM?

PRANAROM is synonymous with quality and commitment to organic farming. Each bottle ofOrganic Field Mint Essential Oil is the result of careful distillation of the aerial part of the plant, guaranteeing a 100% pure, natural and integral essence. The AB (Agriculture Biologique ) label and Certisys BE-BIO-01 certification attest to this superior quality and environmental commitment.

PRANAROM Field Mint Organic Essential Oil is much more than just a product. It's an invitation to rediscover the ancestral benefits of nature, adapted to contemporary needs. Whether it's to revitalize the body, soothe the mind or strengthen natural defenses, this essential oil is an indispensable part of natural health. Choose PRANAROM for impeccable quality and authentic benefits.

How to use PRANAROM Organic Field Mint Essential Oil 10ml?

PRANAROM Organic Field MintEssential Oil can be used for a variety of needs and preferences, offering several application methods to maximize its benefits.

Please note: this pure essential oil, very rich in menthol, can crystallize at room temperature, which can hinder its flow. This is a guarantee of quality and in no way alters its properties. To make it easier to use, you can liquefy it by gently warming the bottle in your hands, or using a rapid bain-marie if necessary.

Directions for use

For oral use, mix 1 to 2 drops in honey or on cane sugar after meals to benefit from its digestive and revitalizing properties. For cutaneous application, a few drops diluted in hazelnut oil can be applied locally to relieve pain and tension. As a mouthwash, combine 3 drops with 12 drops of a dispersant in half a glass of lukewarm water for optimal oral hygiene.

Precautions for use

Certain precautions are crucial to the safe use ofField Mint BIO Essential Oil. Keep the product out of reach of children, and do not exceed the recommended dosage. Its use is not recommended during pregnancy, breast-feeding or for children under 3 years of age without medical advice. Keep essential oils away from heat and light to preserve their quality.

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The effectiveness of essential oils is recognized, but their potency requires knowledgeable handling and respect for dosages. An excess could be counter-productive or even harmful. MakePRANAROM Organic Field Mint Essential Oil an ally in your well-being, by scrupulously following the recommendations.


PRANAROM Organic Field Mint Essential Oil contains precious aromatic molecules such as Menthol, Menthone andIsomenthone, extracted from the aerial part of the Mentha arvensis - Organic plant.


Each 10ml bottle is a concentrate of benefits, certified AB for unquestionable organic quality.ChemoTyped Essential Oil (HECT ) guarantees precise identification and consistent composition, for safety and efficacy.

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