L107 Lehning complex Acute gastroenteritis 30ml

L107 Lehning complex Acute gastroenteritis 30ml View larger


Lehning Lehning

L107 LEHNING homeopathic medicine is traditionally used in the treatment of transient diarrhea in adults, nausea and vomiting without fever.

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Transient diarrhea (in adults) - nausea and vomiting (without fever) L107 Oral drops, solution

Indications L107 LEHNING

Homeopathic medicine traditionally used in the treatment of transient diarrhea in adults, nausea and vomiting without fever.

L107 composition LEHNING

China rubra 3 DH
Arsenicum album 6 DH
Bryonia 4 DH
Nux 4 DH
Mercurius corrosivus 6 DH
Chamomilla vulgaris 2 DH
Col. 4 DH
Ipecac 4 DH
Belladonna 3 DH
Potentilla anserina 1 DH
Excipient known effect: ethanol (alcohol).

Dosage L107 LEHNING

Adults: 10 drops after each loose stool, respecting a maximum of 60 drops per day, space taken by improvement.
In addition to dietary measures.
Processing time: 5 days.

To take in a little water, preferably between meals.


Introducing L107 LEHNING

30 ml bottle.

Authorized No. 17603 b-21625 / CIP 3400934287442 drug

If symptoms persist, consult your doctor.
Ask your pharmacist for advice. Read the instructions carefully.

In the absence of improvement, maximum duration of treatment without consultation: 48.

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