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Ceruspray ear spray 50ml is intended for ear hygiene, it acts to prevent earwax plugs. Adult and child.

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Used for : ear hygiene

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Description of Ceruspray ear spray 50ml

This ear spray is a non-aggressive ionic washing solution enriched with surfactants which facilitates the elimination of earwax residue and which, used regularly, prevents the formation of ear plugs .

This spray for ear hygiene fluidifies earwax, facilitating its expulsion. It has been formulated for adults and children.

Its use is especially recommended in case of irregular earwax production helmet usage to noise plug and hearing aid, and when exposed to atmospheric pressure differences (mountaineer or dip for example).

using advice

How to use Ceruspray ear spray?

1 spray 2 to 3 times a week.

For ear hygiene and for hearing aid wearers: spraying in each ear is recommended 2 to 3 times a week.
In the event of an ear plug: 2 to 3 sprays will facilitate the flow of earwax residue.

What is the composition of Ceruspray ear spray 50ml?

polysorbate 80 0.5 g, Na bicarbonate 5 g, Na chloride 3.5 g, purified water qs 100 ml.

Precautions for use

Contraindications: infant.

Do not use in case:

  • foreign body in the ear,
  • tympanic perforation
  • and in carriers of tympanic aerators.

All of the so-called "homemade" methods to remove an ear plug can be potentially dangerous, so it is best to consult a health care professional to verify that the eardrum is not punctured before initiating any self-medication. If your ear is painful, imperatively avoid cleaning by yourself and consult an ENT doctor. Finally, take care never to send a liquid under pressure or too hot in your ear at the risk of worsening the situation.

Presentation of Ceruspray ear spray 50ml

spray bottle, cardboard case.
CE marking: CE 0459. <

Our advice and opinions from pharmacy experts

Earwax fulfills several essential roles in the ear, namely:

  • It protects the walls of the ear canal, particularly against water likely to enter the ear;
  • It traps foreign bodies entering the ear (dust, bacteria, etc.);
  • It eliminates pathogens, such as bacteria, thanks to its antibacterial properties.

Under normal conditions, earwax is naturally eliminated towards the outside of the ear thanks to chewing, carrying with it the residues. Sometimes, instead of flowing, it accumulates in the ear canal and causes the formation of a plug of earwax commonly called ear plug. It is therefore a good idea to use Ceruspray to ensure good ear hygiene.

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