Feliway Diffuser RECHARGE 30 DAYS 48ml CATS

Feliway Diffuser RECHARGE 30 DAYS 48ml CATS View larger



Feliway Diffuser F3 NEW CHARGING 48ml 30 DAYS

Feliway ®, a simple and effective solution against undesirable behavior of the cat is a product that reproduces some soothing facial pheromone used by cats to mark their territory and feel safe.

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    RECHARGE Feliway Diffuser F3 NEW 30 DAYS

    Facial pheromone Feliway is a cat. It is not a sedative and it has no effect on humans and other animals.

    Description Feliway RECHARGE

    Cats who feel safe in their environment are used to deposit on the corners of the walls, furniture ... rubbing his head, the edge of the snout to the base of the ear. You've probably already observed such behavior.
    In an unsettling change in the cat's environment (adoption, holidays, hospitalization return, removal, arrival of a new pet, loud noises, transport ...), it can manifest stress that is expressed by scratches, urine marking, loss of appetite ...
    Feliway allows the cat to get through these difficult times and regain emotional balance.

    Using advice and opinion on Feliway RECHARGE 30 DAYS

    Used to control stress-related events such as urine marking and scratches, aggression or tension between several cats ...

    The duration of use is to be adapted according to the origin of undesirable behavior, a minimum of two months is usually recommended.

    The action of a charging time is about 4 weeks. The diffuser must be replaced after 6 months of use or six refills. The sticker pasted on the recharge Feliway ® can be taken off and placed in your diary or calendar to the scheduled replacement of the refill.

    Feliway Diffuser NEW CHARGING Composition

    Feline facial pheromones similar F3: 3.5%, excipient qs: 100 g, action surface: 70 m², duration of action: four weeks.

    Caution used with Feliway RECHARGE

    Feliway ® does not stain: however, it is recommended to test the product in an inconspicuous face, before its final use.
    Highly flammable.
    Keep out of the reach of children.
    Keep away from flames and sparks.
    No smoking.

    Introducing NEW CHARGING Feliway Diffuser F3

    1 refill 48ml = 30 days of use

    Our expert advice in pharmacy

    Pheromones are natural substances extremely widespread in the animal kingdom, used to communicate between individuals of the same species.
    Thus, the pheromones emitted by an individual may affect and change the behavior of other individuals of the same species.

    The therapeutic use of pheromones is completely safe and without side effects.

    The best known pheromones by pet owners are the sex pheromones emitted by the dog or the cat to attract the male during the heat, but they can also be used for territorial marking, to intimidate aggressors etc

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