Cytolnat CytolSlim is a slimming cream helps refine the silhouette and regain a firmer and more toned skin. Slimming cream Cytolslim laboratory Cytolnat is also recommended for the prevention of stretch marks.

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Used for : cellulite, thinness, vergeture

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    Cytolslim combines caffeine and titrated extract of Centella asiatica that activates microcirculation and stimulates collagen synthesis. Cytolslim helps refine the silhouette and strengthen tissues. It contributes to the reduction of the "orange peel" and the prevention of stretch marks.


    Cytolslim combines caffeine, active known for his work on the retrieval of excess fat and Centella asiatica that activates microcirculation and stimulates collagen synthesis.
    The silhouette is refined and strengthened with tissue visible reduction of the "orange peel".

    Cytolslim is also recommended for prevention of stretch marks and cellulite.

    In fact, stretch marks appear in women at specific times: when the skin is weakened, or subjected to excessive voltages. This is the case during puberty (hormonal and body modification can weaken the skin thrust) during pregnancy, when shooting at fast weight or diseases.

    Directions for use

    For best results, apply a dab of cream slimming Cytolslim twice daily (preferably at sunrise and after shower or bath).
    Although massage to penetrate Cytolslim on each zone (thighs, buttocks, hips, abdomen ...) you want to refine and reshape.

    For the prevention of stretch marks, apply a dab of half Cytolslim twice daily, ensuring tonically massage the affected areas continuously.

    Cure of attack: two consecutive months recommended.
    Maintenance treatments: two consecutive weeks each month.
    Balanced diet and physical activity are essential to keep the profit CytolSlim.

    Composition Cytolslim

    CytolSlim combines caffeine, active known for his work on the retrieval of excess fat and Centella asiatica that activates microcirculation and stimulates collagen synthesis.

    CytolSlim ® uses a patented without alcohol complex which allows the entering of caffeine with a high bioavailability while being gradually released.
    Caffeine has a lipolytic activity at four levels:
    1. It inhibits degradation of cAMP induced by phosphodiesterase
    2. It also inhibits the setting aside of fat by stimulating
    beta-adrenergic receptor (which are receptors on the surface of
    adipocytes that have lipolytic activity when activated)
    3. Improves capillary permeability
    4. Desinfiltration and promotes the collagen tissue enveloping
    the adipocyte.

    The titrated extract of Centella asiatica (TECA called), the second major asset CytolSlim ®, fight sagging skin due to decreased volume of adipose lobules actively acting on skin firmness. This extract contains many triterpenes (asiatic acid, the, asiaticoside madecassic acid) stimulating fibroblast able to synthesize new dermal collagen.
    Indeed, the increased volume of adipose lobules associated with water retention prevent proper vascularization of deep dermal tissues.
    Therefore the collagenous connective tissue loses its elasticity.

    Improved vascularization of adipose tissue and stimulation of collagen synthesis with two major assets (caffeine and Centella Asiatica) that clinical studies have proven effective
    possible to act effectively on the effect of "orange peel" while firming the skin.


    Cytolnat CytolSlim Slimming Cream 200ml tube.

    Our expert advice in pharmacy for better use of Cytolslim

    How to fight against stretch marks?

    Stretch marks are irreversible: once the stretch marks have appeared, it is impossible to make them disappear. However, there are ways to prevent stretch marks and even sometimes to mitigate their effects. However, keep in mind that only preventive treatments are truly effective against stretch marks.

    Avoid, as far as possible, which may cause excessive skin tension and thus enhance the appearance of stretch marks: all decision weight fast, often caused by the "yo-yo" are discouraged. Stress and long exposure to the sun are not recommended: a healthy lifestyle will be beneficial in all cases to prevent stretch marks from occurring.

    Playing sports is very beneficial to fight against stretch marks: more muscle, under the skin, are tonic, the higher your overall silhouette is transformed. This is very striking for the breasts, for example: these inert glands, which lie directly on the chest, can not really be supported if the chest muscles are toned enough. Otherwise, stretch marks appear more easily.

    Sunbathing can also be harmful: in the presence of a recent stretch marks, such as a recent scar, avoid sun exposure for at least one year until the skin turns white.

    Cytolnat, "natural cytology"

    Cytology ( Greek kutos, cell and logos, speech) is the study of the living cell, in all its aspects.

    In this context, Cytolnat Laboratories have developed and formulated a range with the will and philosophy to meet the following three requirements:

    1. Respect for the balance of cell biology,
    2. Repair of injured skin tissue without any toxicity to the cellular environment
    3. Supply of nutrients to the skin cells concerned, while ensuring the strengthening of their immune defenses.

    Cytolnat products

    The dermatological care of the Cytolnat laboratories are natural products active on the cells of the body, widely prescribed and recommended by the medical community both for their efficiency and for the quality of their composition.

    Cytolnat's products provide effective solutions to everyday problems and help visibly improve the health of skin and hair.

    Slimming cream in your bio Care Pharmacy and Nature: herbal medicine will make your life to help you lose weight

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