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A base of cranberry extract, cinnamon and probiotics, this dietary supplement Pileje Feminabiane Urinary Comfort helps reduce urinary problems (prevention and treatment of uncomplicated cystitis).

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Partners with: HoméoCyst (UROCALM) Cystitis Homeopathic LG LAB

Used for : cystitis, cystitis, urinary comfort

contains: Cinnamon, cranberry, Lactic ferments

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    Feminabiane CBU Urinary comfort PILEJE

    The food supplement Pileje Feminabiane CBU Urinary Comfort helps reduce urinary discomfort.

    Formulated with cranberry extract, cinnamon and probiotics, this supplement provides 36 mg of PAC (proanthicyanidines or OPC-A) that help reduce the adhesion of certain bacteria (E. coli) on the walls of the urinary tract, primarily responsible for urinary problems (prevention and treatment of cystitis - urinary infections - uncomplicated).

    Directions for use of CBU Feminabiane Pileje Urinary Comfort

    Take 1 capsule white and ocher 1 capsule before breakfast with a glass of water can effectively prevent urinary problems (prevention and treatment of uncomplicated cystitis).

    Indication Feminabiane CBU Pileje Urinary Comfort

    Female urinary comfort, sensention burning with urination, Feminabiane CBU provides rapid symptom reduction occasional cystitis (urinary tract infections).

    We also recommend a specific food supplement rapid treatment of urinary tract infections (cystitis), which translates into significant urinary discomfort.

    Treatment and prevention of urinary tract infections (cystitis) in people at risk

    Scientific researchers, authors of a systematic review published in 2008 concluded that cranberry juice can be effective for the prevention of urinary tract infections in women at risk, that is to say those who have had this type of problem .

    In two other tests, cranberry juice was more effective than placebo in preventing relapse among girls (from 3 years to 14 years) prone to urinary tract infections and pregnant women (pregnancy increases the risk of UTI).

    During testing in pregnant women, treatment was also effective in reducing asymptomatic bacteriuria (presence of very large amounts of bacteria in the urine without symptoms of infection). These results must be confirmed by further testing, but the authors of a synthesis believe that cranberry juice, given its safety, is a treatment to be considered for pregnant women prone to urinary tract infections

    Complete formulation of Feminabiane CBU Pileje Urinary Comfort

    Ochre capsules: Cinnomomum Cassia Cinnamon Extract (Bark), Cranberry Extract Vaccinium macrocarpon (Fruit), Capsule Origin Plant, Anti-Binder: Mono Di Tri Glyceride Behenate

    White capsules: Load Agent: Maize Starch, Capsule Origin Plant, Lactic ferments (support: maltodextrin), Anti-Binder: Mono Di Tri Glyceride Behenate.

    Feminabiane presentation CBU Pileje Confot Urinary

    Box of 14 capsules ochres and 14 white capsules

    Tips to fight against cystitis

    Annoying, urinary tract infections or cystitis mainly affect women and can quickly become unbearable. Yet simple tips suffice to protect against these urinary disorders.

    If you suffer from recurrent urinary tract infections, it is important to urinate frequently to prevent cystitis (about 1 every 3 to 4 hours). Also remember to unwind the maximum in order to empty the bladder and thus enable the elimination of toxins and bacteria.

    Having good personal hygiene to prevent bacterial growth. It must however be vigilant (e) and do not wash more than once a day with a specific product in acid pH (5-7), at the risk of damaging the flora intimate and create a breeding ground for training bacteria.

    The cranberry or cranberry is very effective in preventing recurrent cystitis. Its flavonoid content prevents E. coli bacteria from attaching to the walls of the urinary tract and causing infections.

    Drinking lots of water helps prevent recurrent cystitis and curb an already contracted UTI. You can also turn to herbal teas based on medicinal plants, such as melaleuca or nettle, known to be diuretics. The key is to eliminate the bacteria by emptying the bladder as often as possible.

    Constipation increases the risk of contracting a UTI. The stagnation of feces tends to favor the development of bacteria that migrate to the bladder walls and create infections. Simple tips can fight against constipation: eat more fiber, drink 1.5 liter of water a day, massaging the belly.

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