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Five on Five Family Anti-Mosquito Lotion 100ml on sale in our pharmacy bio, is a mosquito repellent for adults, children, babies from 6 months and pregnant women.

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    Description Five on Five Family Anti-Mosquito Lotion 100 ml

    Five on Five Family Anti-Mosquito Lotion 100 ml contains IR3535 that effectively repel mosquitoes, wasps, ticks and horseflies to avoid bites. It is one of the actions of prevention against malaria vectors, dengue and chikungunya.
    This anti-mosquito lotion is effective for about 8 hours.

    Five usage Council on Family Five Anti-Mosquito Lotion 100 ml

    Of 6 to 42 months: one application per day.
    42 months to 12 years: 2 applications per day.
    From 12 years: 3 applications per day.
    Suitable for pregnant women and children from 6 months.
    Spray the exposed parts of your body, avoiding eyes and mucous membranes.
    This vaporizer offers 600 0,165 ml sprays about 80 uses.

    Five of Five Family Composition on Anti-Mosquito Lotion 100 ml

    Five out of five Family Lotion mosquito 100 ml IR3535 contains 20% (m / m) (N-acetyl-N-butyl-.beta.-alaninate ethyl - CAS 52304-36-6; exact concentration: 19 6 g / 100 g).

    Precaution of use

    Do not use Five on Five Family Anti-Mosquito Lotion 100 ml:
    - In children under 6 months.
    - In the application to the mucosa, Extended skin lesions.
    - In case of skin allergy history.

    Refer to the information indicated on the bottle.
    Contains-hexyl cinnamic aldehyde alhpa (HCA).
    May cause allergic reaction.
    Wash your hands thoroughly after handling the spray.
    Effecuez spray in a well ventilated area or outdoors.

    Presentation of Five Five Family Anti-Mosquito Lotion 100 ml

    100 ml spray bottle.

    Five out of five is a brand specialized in insect control products, especially mosquitoes and lice. Sprays, sticks, diffusers, bracelets, etc ...: the brand Five on Five offers a wide and varied range, adapted to the needs of the whole family.

    It also recently offers sprays combining UV protection and an anti-mosquito.

    Buy your anti-mosquito lotion for clothing in your bio pharmacy

    Mosquitoes make their return as soon as the heat comes to the top of their nose.
    Stings , sounds of flapping wings that prevent sleep ... The presence of mosquitoes is not pleasant. There are several ways to protect yourself and get rid of mosquitoes . Looking for a repellent to get rid of mosquitoes? R
    etrouvez a selection of anti mosquito lotion to protect you effectively during the summer.

    When to spray a mosquito lotion on clothing or use a mosquito net?

    If the duration of exposure to mosquitoes is long, such as a long trip to the tropics, it is advisable to use a mosquito repellent spray on fabrics and mosquito nets.

    Anti-mosquito repellents for clothing impregnation are usually formulated with permethrin, a pyrethrin derivative. Some current products offer up to two months of effectiveness and are resistant to washing the garment. Wearing gloves is recommended when spraying the anti-mosquito product. It is best to avoid impregnating yourself with clothes or mosquito nets if you are asthmatic or suffering from a lung disease because of the irritating nature of the pyrethroid lungs.
    ITNs are also a ffective solutione to protect against bites moutique.
    Ideally, they are made of polyester, polypropylene or polyethylene and have 25 holes per cm². To enhance their effectiveness, they can be impregnated with a pyrethroid such as permethrin. Some are sold already impregnated. This anti-mosquito solution can effectively protect pregnant women and babies for example ...

    Also find all our tips on our blog on how to choose your mosquito repellent . For more information, do not hesitate to ask your pharmacist for advice on our secure form .

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