LERO HEPAGRUME digestion liver detox Drinkable ampoules

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Lero Compléments alimentairesLero Compléments alimentaires

LERO HEPAGRUME liver detox digestion Drinkable ampoules in our pharmacy bio Comment on recommendations for use and dosage of LERO HEPAGRUME liver detox digestion Drinkable ampoules with our Verified Reviews partner after your purchase.

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Used for : digestion difficile, ballonnement

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    LERO HEPAGRUME digestion liver detox Drinkable ampoules

    After holiday meals or dietary differences during travel, your digestion is less easy. You feel bloated. Your transit may be disrupted.
    Thanks to its specific formulation, Hépagrume will help you find a digestive well-being, particularly through a choline intake contributes to the maintenance of normal liver function.

    Description LERO HEPAGRUME liver detox digestion Drinkable ampoules

    Hépagrume also contains other important ingredients for your well-being: inositol, betaine and arginine.
    This unique formulation makes a successful Hépagrume since 1968.
    Hépagrume is in the form of ampoules, flavored with tangerine and lemon.

    Directions for use and dosage

    1 ampoule before meals, diluted in half a glass of water.

    Comment on the recommendations for use and dosage of LERO HEPAGRUME liver detox digestion Drinkable ampoules with our Verified Reviews partner after your purchase.

    Composition of LERO HEPAGRUME liver detox digestion Drinkable ampoules


    Choline citrate 600 mg
    Inositol 250 mg
    Betaine 125 mg
    Arginine 100 mg
    Additives: sorbitol, sucrose, tangerine flavor, lemon flavor, alcohol 0.1%

    Precaution of use

    Some lifestyle advice to help ensure healthy digestive:

    Eat five fruits and vegetables a day.
    Drink 1 liter and a half of water every day.
    Walk regularly and practice sports.
    Eat high fiber foods such as bran, cereals ...

    Introducing LERO HEPAGRUME liver detox digestion Drinkable ampoules

    1 pack = 18 bulbs

    Lero dietary supplements are not medicines.
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    Léro SYNAPTIV Concentration
    Léro RUTILYS Heavy Legs
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    Lero Hepagrume Bloating Inflated Belly Excess Food
    Léro Preserv 'To take charge of your health capital
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    Buy Lero Food Supplements at Low Prices in Your Online Pharmacy

    Lero is a range of complementary foods that meet the needs of all. This range is developed with respect for people and their environment and conveys the four main values ​​of the brand:

    - Respect for the natural balance of the relation to the man and his environment.
    - Scientific integrity, key principle of quality and safety. The ingredients of these dietary supplements are rigorously selected, and subjected to pharmaceutical production tests.
    - Benevolence & Proximity, a state of mind linked to the know-how of micronutrition, to better understand and follow users
    - Simplicity, propose effective solutions, practical and accessible to all.

    The commitments of the brand:

    ➡ propose original combinations of Omega-3, vitamins and trace elements to meet your expectations and needs.
    ➡ Compliance with European directives and national regulations.
    ➡ Traceability from ingredients to finished products.
    ➡ Quality ingredients chosen for their targeted action, brought in the best galenic.
    ➡ Propose formulations adapted to scientific progress and market requirements.

    The Lero PRESERV 'range assists you in taking personal responsibility for your health capital. The food supplements of the Lero PRESERV 'range are taken in the form of a long-term cure and bring you ingredients specifically recognized for their effectiveness on the maintenance of the good functioning of your organism.
    The Lero ACTIV 'range helps to meet your specific needs. The food supplements of the Lero ACTIV 'range offer you complex, balanced and original combinations of micronutrients that take the form of a cure for a few months.
    Lero ESTHETIC 'Lero dietary supplements will answer your aesthetic concerns whether to contribute to the management of the health of your skin, your hair or even the management of your figure.
    Lero dietary supplements are not drugs.

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