Aboca NeoFitoroid Ointment Bio endorectal 40 ml

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Aboca Laboratoire de phytothérapieAboca Laboratoire de phytothérapie

Aboca NeoFitoroid Ointment Bio endorectal 40 ml is a special adjuvant for treatment of hemorrhoidal varicose syndrome (internal and external hemorrhoids). Thanks to the presence of selected plant substances, the BioPommade Fitoroid has a lubricating action, protective and refreshing.

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Used for : hemorrhoids, hemorrhoid problems.

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hemorrhoidal disorders


Description Ointment Bio Aboca NeoFitoroid endorectal 40 ml

Aboca NeoFitoroid Ointment Bio 40 ml is a medical device that relieves pain, burning and itching protecting the mucosa, hemorrhoids.
Recommended if internal or external hemorrhoids, the medical device is used in prevention and in all situations that may cause irritation and / or congestion of the anal and perianal area or treatment.

Its formula is thanks to the extract called Helydol, aloe vera, false holly fragron, vegetable and essential oils. NeoFitoroid is:
- Mucoadhesive: adheres to the mucosa by forming a film on the barrier that protects it from contact with irritants,
- Lubricant: reduces friction with the stool, thereby protecting irritation and perianal congestion,
- Antioxidant: protects the lining of free radicals indirectly by relieving inflammation.


Board of use   Aboca NeoFitoroid Ointment Bio endorectal 40 ml

For external application: spread and massage the anal area and perianal.
For internal application: screw the cannula endorectal provided for this purpose on the tube and apply the product as necessary. Use after discharge and after a complete wash the affected area. For an intervention to preventive irritation due to friction, the treatment can be performed before discharge by remembering to apply the same product after. The treatment can be repeated up to 4 times per day. Unscrew and rinse the nozzle with warm water and soap and close the tube of ointment after each use. Creates no unpleasant sensation after application.


composition   Aboca NeoFitoroid Ointment Bio endorectal 40 ml

Freeze-dried flowers Helichrysum The summits extracts lipophilic fraction (Helydol) * Root and Holly faux holly * Leaves of Aloe Vera Gel * dehydrated, aqueous solution of Helichrysum * The summits flowery, oily extract of St. John's Wort The summits Fleuries * * Jojoba Oil, Shea Butter *, essential oils of Melaleuca, Cypress and Peppermint.
* Ingredients from organic farming.


Aboca presentation NeoFitoroid Ointment Bio endorectal 40 ml

40ml ointment tube

Systematic review of historical texts to find old remedies related to various health problems that still exist. Knowing the history of herbal medicine is fundamental to understand the principles and useful in understanding the fascinating relationship between man to the plant world. The nerve center of the Aboca Search History is the seat of Aboca Museum. Its center of Studies, composed of researchers and experts, is committed every day to recover the immense cultural heritage of the herbs in the world using a rich literary capital lying in the Antica Biblioteca, a "box "about 1,000 printed volumes, published between the sixteenth and early twentieth century, all devoted to the therapeutic value of plants. Indications natural products Aboca Weight Control Hemorrhoids Intestine Intestinal Gas nasal irritation Sore throat Stomach pain Cough Intestinal transit lines Finocarbo More Fitomagra Libramed Fitonasal Fitonasal 2 ACT Fitoroid Grintuss Melilax NeoBianacid acidity reflux and Salvigol Sedivitax Capsules Sollievo

Hemorrhoids are dilated veins that form in the anus or rectum. It is normal that the veins in the anal region swell slightly during defecation. But unlike normal veins, hemorrhoids remain permanently dilated. The main causes of hemorrhoids are: constipation, pregnancy and loss of tissue tone with age. We offer drugs for the rapid relief of common symptoms.

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