Compeed ampoules medium hydrocolloid dressings


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    Compeed heel bulbs 5 medium hydrocolloid dressings

    COMPEED ® dressings are used:

    • In prevention: Do you have new shoes? You will practice a sports activity? COMPEED®Bulbs can be used for prevention.
    • As early as the first sensation of friction, burns: If applied early enough, the COMPEED® dressing may prevent the development of the ampoule. The thickness of the dressing provides a cushioning effect and forms a mechanical barrier against friction that relieves pain.
    • On a bulb already formed. COMPEED® Bulk Medium Format Blisters relieve pain quickly, for the entire day, and accelerate healing.

    When the shoes are tight, layers of dead and hard skin form. With increasing pressure, the dead layers sink deeper into the skin and a horn forms.

    Compeed then acts as a second skin for:
    - Relieve pain for 24 hours.
    - Protect friction and pressure by cushioning effect.
    - Moisturize and soften the horn, thus ensuring its gentle and effective elimination.

    Designed for performance, it instantly relieves and provides enhanced protection against friction through a cushion effect. Compeed hydrocolloid technology helps the skin heal quickly.

    Designed to go unnoticed, it is suitable for high-heeled shoes thanks to the unique indented cut and remains in place (several days).

    Description of Compeed ampoules 5 Medium Hydrocolloid Dressings

    Place the dressing on clean, dry skin. Do not use on an apparent or infected wound. For perfect adhesion, do not apply to skin covered with cream or oil. Remove Compeed printed paper by avoiding touching the adhesive part, and apply the dressing directly to the bulb. Make sure the edges of the dressing are flat before gluing.

    Specifically designed for the treatment of heel bulbs, it acts as a second skin for:

    • Relieve pain instantly
    • Avoid friction thanks to a cushion effect
    • Prevent infections: impermeable to water, bacteria and impurities
    • Accelerate healing: perfect adhesion for several days
    It can also be used at the first signs of friction to prevent the appearance of a bulb.

    using advice

    Leave COMPEED Medium Hydrocolloid Dressing in place until it comes off itself. To remove the COMPEED® dressing, gently pull it out. For best results, use COMPEED® until the skin is completely healed.

    Composting composition Compeed bulbs medium format

    Artificial Elastomer, Tackifier Resins, Hydrocolloid Particles (Sodium Carboxymethyl Cellulose), Plasticize, Polyurethane Film.


    Box of 5 bulbs

    What are the benefits of a hydrocolloid dressing for blisters?

    COMPEED® dressings cover the lesion by keeping the lesion in a moist environment thanks to the hydrocolloid particles (healing in a humid environment).
    The lesion is hydrated and the risk of crusts and scars is greatly reduced.
    The epithelial cells needed for healing survive and grow better in a hot, humid environment. The healing process is faster
    Conclusion: a moist environment promotes healing and reduces the risk of scarring.
    Wet environment: stimulates the growth of new epithelial cells.

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    Cuts, abrasions, wounds ... quickly, a bandage! Indispensable in the family medicine cabinet or in the travel kit, it protects the skin, reduces bleeding and even optimizes healing .

    • expandable,
    • discreet,
    • waterproof,
    • resistant,
    • ultra protective,
    • ultra absorbent ... Each bobo his dressing adapted.

    Because every wound requires special care , discover our entire range of dressing products in the Health department of our Organic Care and Nature Pharmacy.

    How to choose your dressings

    In view of the large number of dressings on the market, it is important to know how to choose the most adapted according to its material, the type of use and the dressing class.

    • This is why it is advisable to choose hydrocolloid dressings that absorb liquid from the wound and protect against external infections.
    • Hydrogel dressings are recommended to hydrate the skin in case of burns
    • The charcoal dressings , covered with a non-adherent nonwoven envelope, make it possible to have a very large adsorption surface and are used during superinfected wounds.
    • The hydrocellular dressings are characterized by a foam that attracts and retains the exudates.
    • The tulle fat bandages prevent the dressing from sticking and helps the tissue reformation.

    For more information on emergency first aid , do not hesitate to seek advice from our expert pharmacists using the secure contact form .

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