Fruit of an exclusive research Phythea, Phytalgic combines active soothing and protective effects in cartilage.

PHYTALGIC will allow you to find comfortable and joints to move without pain.

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    Over the years, the cartilage joints deteriorates gradually. The cartilage has a cushion between the bone and allows their proper operation, that is to say to slide over each other. Over time, the cartilage deterioration is inevitable and results in a loss of joint mobility. The most affected are generally those cartilages of the lower limbs, shoulders and hands.

    PHYTALGIC includes natural substances that promote the mobility of joints.

    Properties Phytalgic

    PHYTALGIC tablets contain:
    Oil of Wild Fish
    It is rich in fatty acids including omega 3 which shows their real protective power and soothing on joints.
    It also helps soothe joints by promoting cell renewal and its powerful antioxidant action.
    The Nettle
    It is very rich in silica that helps to bind calcium, allows the bones and cartilages to keep a good balance and good health.

    Results with Phytalgic articulation

    PHYTALGIC will allow you to find comfortable and joints to move without pain.

    Mode of action of capsules Phytalgic

    Fruit of an exclusive research Phythea, Phytalgic combines active soothing and protective effects in cartilage: The wild fish oil controlled, widely consumed in the Nordic quality, contains essential fatty acids that showed soothing effects when they are consumed in sufficient quantities. The nettle plant is considered the joints. Its high silicon content makes it protective properties that help maintain good joint frame. Phytalgic formula also contains zinc, a selected to enhance the comfort of sensitive joints trace element.
    The improvement is generally noted after 3 weeks of use. To get the full effect, it is advisable to take Phytalgic for 3 months minimum. If necessary, this can be used continuously throughout the year.

    Use with painful joints Phytalgic advice

    For best results, it is advisable to take each day, during meals: 1 capsule in the morning and 2 capsules in the evening, without chewing, with a glass of water.
    Consumption of this supplement should form part of a diet as varied as possible.

    Recommended with painful joints Phytalgic Time

    For 3 months without interruption.A extend if necessary. The improvement is usually noted after 3 weeks of use. Phytalgic can be used continuously throughout the year if necessary. In practice

    Phytalgic presentation with painful joints

    Box 90 capsules (30 days of use). Capsules containing proteins of wild fish, beef gelatin or without natural porcine.Colorants based on chlorophyll.

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