PRANARÔM BIO Féminaissance FLEXIBILITY perineum 30ML

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FemiNaissance BIO de PRANAROMFemiNaissance BIO de PRANAROM

Easing Féminaissance perineum Bottle 30 ml with codigoutte
This blend of essential oils and vegetable oils Organic preserves the elasticity of the skin in the perineum.

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BIO Féminaissance FLEXIBILITY perineum PRANAROM 30ML

During childbirth, the perineal skin must adapt to high stress stretching. A regular massage with this oil preparation from the 36th week of pregnancy is recommended in order to soften the skin as much as possible and to optimize its elasticity.

Properties Bio Féminaissance Easing perineum Pranarom

For this purpose, three types of ingredients have been carefully put together: on the one hand, vegetable oils beauty (Sesame, Macadamia, Argan), very penetrating, that enhance relaxation and skin; then other noble vegetable oils (Evening Primrose, Rosehip chili, Arnica, Callophyla) preparing especially the perineal skin to the constraints it will undergo. Finally, a touch of pure essential oils and natural source of relaxation and well-being olfactory but also participate in the optimization of the perineal elasticity.

Use Bio Féminaissance Easing perineum Pranarôm advice

Massage the perineal area with a few drops of the oil preparation dice the 36th week of pregnancy, 1-2 times a day.

Composition of Bio Féminaissance Easing perineum Pranarom

Main active ingredients: Vegetable oil Sesame oil Macadamia vegetable, vegetable oil, Canola plant Evening Primrose Oil, Vegetable Oil Rosehip Oil Arnica plant, vegetable oil Callophyla, Vegetable Oil Argan essential oil of Aniba rosaeodora essential oil Lavandula angustifolia essential oil Cananga odorata, ladaniferus Cistus essential oil, essential oil of Melaleuca quinquenervia, essential oil of Ocimum basilicum, Vitamin E.

Special precautions for Bio Easing perineum Pranarôm

- Do not swallow and do not apply to sensitive mucous membranes.
- The product is a product of well-being that presents no risk to the health of the mother and baby.

In addition to Bio Féminaissance Easing perineum Pranarom

We recommend using the blend of essential oils Bio Féminaissance Childbirth harmonious complement to prepare your birth.

Indeed, this complex of essential oils brings you by olfaction a sense of well-being, detachment and serenity quite useful in the period before childbirth. The woman approaches the procreation of a child with confidence and calm, she and better control his breathing and reached a harmonious mental event handling.
In addition to these psycho-sensory considerations, it can also make some very concrete evidence about the action of this aromatic blend: and the essential oil of chamomile noble contains more than OJ different terpene esters. These molecules exert a powerful calming, relaxing, sedative or central nervous system.
The second essential oil that is truly soothing marjoram gardens. It induces vasodilation and hypotension by stimulating the autonomic nervous para ¬ sympathetic system. The essential oil of Origanum majorana essential oil is probably best suited to manage anxiety, stress and other neuro-vegetative dystonia.

Pranaraom Feminaissance Pregnancy and Pregnant Woman

Pranarom feminine products for pregnancy and motherhood are based on chemotyped essential oils and 100% organic vegetable oils. u ltra-concentrated in active ingredients, essential oils are often scary pregnant women who are generally banned. If they must be handled with extreme caution to eliminate any risk to the health of the developing child, some are still allowed and are a great help to manage some pregnancy problems.

For more information, do not hesitate to ask our naturopaths advice using the secure form.

Complexes of essential oils represent a combination of certain essential oils strengthens and targets their action on a specific pathology.

The benefits of essential oil complexes on your health

Complexes of essential oils are blends of essential oils of very high quality. The mixtures allow synergy in a specific pathology. Our aromatherapy experts have selected for you blends of organic and chemotyped essential oils . Whether in massage with vegetable oils or diffusion, aromatherapy contributes to your well-being in everyday life.

The benefits of the complex of essential oils:

  • fewer side effects, more efficiency because the oils are potentiating between them,
  • without risk as formulated by professionals,
  • and cheaper than buying 4-5 different essential oils.

Discover our "ready-to-use" formulas in all its forms: capsules, massage oils, Oleocaps capsules, oral ampoules, sanitizing spray , lozenges, roll-on with essential oils ... Also find a specific range developed exclusively for pregnant women. All these complexes are made from chemotyped and HEBBD certified essential oils mainly from the Phytosun'Aroms and Pranarom laboratories.

How to choose your complex of essential oils

By feeling the bottle and feeling good ... But by checking the virtues sought on the bottle:

  • Prefer a complex of essential oils relaxing with citrus and lavender if you're looking for essential oils synergies relaxation and relaxation.
  • If you are looking for a toning effect, turn to complexes of essential oils such as mint, lemongrass or grapefruit for example.
  • For a purifying effect for a complex of respiratory essential oils choose essential oils of eucalyptus, pine and cedar.

Warning: Essential oils are powerful remedies. Ask your doctor, naturopath or pharmacist for advice on how to use them.

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