Calmosine is a digestive and effective soothing drink for babies.

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    CALMOSINE, soothing and digestive drink with natural extracts of plants (fennel, lime, orange blossom).

    Features Calmosine baby digestive drink

    CALMOSINE is a food supplement of natural origin and sweet: it is a herbal product family, consisting of aqueous extracts of 3 plants (fennel, lime and orange blossom). Fennel and Lime are used and known for centuries for their soothing and digestive properties.

    Properties Calmosine baby digestive drink

    Administered before a meal, CALMOSINE action both soothing and digestive: Fennel improves digestive comfort, Basswood is known for its calming properties including the digestive system, its formula is supplemented by Orange, which improves sleep babies .

    Can be used from an early age.
    A taste enjoyed by young and old.
    Easy to use (ready to use).

    Indications Calmosine baby digestive drink

    CALMOSINE has a particularly beneficial effect in babies if digestive discomfort: placated, they regain their calm and sleep, their cries decrease.

    Tips for using Calmosine baby digestive drink

    A dose of 5 ml to drink pure before each meal, up to 6 times jour.CALMOSINE can be given to children from an early age, and used as long as necessary, following the advice of Use.

    It is advisable to split calmosine outlets for babies less than a year, 2.5 ml before each bottle or breastfeed 10 to 12 times a day.

    Composition Calmosine baby digestive drink

    Aqueous plant extract (fennel, lime, orange), fructose, thickener: vegetable glycerin, citric acid, natural flavor of red fruits.

    The plants used in the composition CALMOSINE are grown and harvested by farmers engaged in a process of quality and respect for the environment.
    Daily intake of plants
    Quantity in dry plants for taking 30 ml (6 doses of 5 ml):
    Fennel seed 3.8 mg
    Lime bract 3.8 mg
    Orange blossom 3.8 mg
    For your health, practice regular physical activity

    Special precautions for Calmosine baby digestive drink

    Do not exceed the recommended dose. Once opened, CALMOSINE should be refrigerated and consumed within 15 days.

    Learn more about Calmosine baby digestive drink

    Calmosine, a reference product
    CALMOSINE existed for over 15 years. This dietary supplement on the market in 1996 was developed at the request of a pediatrician who wished to advise a natural product families for digestive disorders. CALMOSINE was developed by professionals in the pharmaceutical industry with extensive expertise in herbal medicine. CALMOSINE was the first herbal product, developed to ease digestive problems. In smaller CALMOSINE by its dual action, soothing and digestive, helps calm the incessant crying associated with digestive discomfort. CALMOSINE is undoubtedly the reference product. Today CALMOSINE is acclaimed and consumed each year by thousands of families, and other between the close of the tips that have used successfully.


    The effectiveness of CALMOSINE recognized by mothers: 64% of those who use it are satisfied.
    Among those using CALMOSINE to soothe their child, the satisfaction rate was 64% (1,2). The LAUDAVIE laboratories wanted to know the attitude of mothers deal with digestive disorders of the small. A telephone survey of a representative sample of nearly 2,300 mothers found that 40% of mothers are faced with the constant crying of their small problems due to digestive discomfort. In 90% of cases, they seek a solution to appease them. Among those who used CALMOSINE, the satisfaction rate was 64% (1,2). They embracing consulting to other moms (In 40% of cases CALMOSINE is advised by a relative, a friend or family (1).) (1) Study conducted by Institute B3 consulting with 2300 mothers interviewed by telephone -2008 (2) Moms Institute Survey 1000 mothers in 2012


    Family Apiaceae or Umbelliferae.

    Part of plant used: Seed.
    Fennel is a plant of the family Umbelliferae used for centuries before meals to ensure a quiet and pleasant digestion.
    Indeed, fennel promotes motility and gastric secretions. It also helps relieve digestive pain.


    Family Tiliaceae.

    Part of the plants used: bracts.
    Linden flowers are traditionally consumed as a tea.
    Their calming and soothing the digestive system make an undisputed ally linden quiet nights.


    Rutaceae family.

    Part of plant used: flowers.
    The orange flowers are most often consumed as a tea (infusion).
    Traditionally, flower water orange was used by mothers to soothe and lull their edgy and tired children.
    The orange flowers have a calming effect, helping to sleep.

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