Biocanina Tire Ticks 2 Hooks




Biocanina Tire Ticks 2 Hooks removes ticks of any size fixed on the skin of men and animals.

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    Removes ticks of any size fixed on the skin of men and animals

    Description of Biocanina Tire Tiques 2 Hooks

    Biocanina Laughs Ticks 2 Hooks removes ticks of any size set on the skin of men and animals: dogs, cats, horses. Does not compress the abdomen of the tick and minimizes the risk of transmission of certain diseases such as dog piroplasmosis or m

    using advice

    Choose the hook adapted to the size of the tick. Place the hook under the tick and engage it by the side. Slowly turn the hook by unscrewing 1 to 3 turns to pull it out.

    Biocania pull ticks


    Box with 2 hooks

    Our advice and expert advice in pharmacy

    Always turn counterclockwise to avoid leaving the rostrum (part of the tick's head) in the skin.

    Do not apply ether, alcohol or chemicals to sleep the tick.

    Thoroughly disinfect the skin at the place of the bite with an antiseptic.

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    Anti Tick Dog Veterinary Pharmacy Online

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    The dog tick is a real scourge! Not because it comes to suck the blood of your dog, but first of all because it can transmit him dog tick diseases. To avoid this, it is essential to use a tick treatment. Pest control, insecticide, insect repellent, acaricide dog cat, pipette, spot on, spray, shampoo or necklace help you fight against fleas lice and ticks .

    Your dog, puppy, is infested with ticks ? Soin et Nature invites you to discover its new range of anti tick pesticides to effectively protect your pet from ticks.

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