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The French homeopathic laboratory Rocal Lehning , expert in scientific herbal medicine , has been producing mother tinctures of pharmaceutical quality for several decades.

The mother tinctures of the Rocal homeopathic laboratory (Lehning group) are high quality products, made from carefully selected medicinal plants and plant extracts . These tinctures are used in the field of homeopathy for their therapeutic effect and their ability to relieve the symptoms of various health conditions.

Mother tinctures are alcoholic solutions of medicinal plants. The plants are macerated in alcohol for a period ranging from a few days to several weeks, in order to allow the alcohol to dissolve the active principles of the plant. This maceration is then filtered to separate the solid parts from the liquid parts, thus giving a mother tincture.

The Rocal laboratory uses a rigorous manufacturing process to guarantee the quality and effectiveness of its mother tinctures. All the plants used are grown organically or wild, and are carefully selected according to their quality and freshness. The maceration process is also closely monitored, to ensure that all the active principles of the plant are optimally dissolved.

The mother tinctures of the Rocal laboratory are used to treat a variety of health disorders , ranging from skin problems to digestive disorders, nervous disorders and stress-related disorders. For example, St. John's wort tincture can be used to relieve symptoms of depression and anxiety, while calendula tincture can be used to relieve joint pain and skin problems.

In addition to their therapeutic effects, mother tinctures from the Rocal laboratory are also appreciated for their ease of use. Unlike dietary supplements in capsule or tablet form, tinctures can be easily mixed with water or another liquid for a more pleasant intake .

Rocal laboratory mother tinctures are high quality products, made from carefully selected plants and plant extracts. Their rigorous manufacturing process guarantees their quality and efficiency, and their ease of use.

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