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Lubricants and intimate gels , for moments of intense pleasure!

It is a useful product for sexuality . There are more and more reasons to use a lubricating gel. It has become so democratized in recent years that the offer on the market is very substantial. They are used for play, for pleasure, or out of necessity in case of vaginal dryness . Classic water-based lubricants, through moisturizers and those with prolonged release, discover our range of massage gels and sensual lubricants for a tenfold pleasure.

Moreover, during certain sensitive moments in the life of women, the natural lubrication of the intimate mucous membranes is insufficient and the flexibility of the vaginal tissue is reduced.

Vaginal dryness is characterized by insufficient genital hydration . This pathology is often caused by a lack of estrogen, hormones that participate in the secretion of vaginal mucus.

Intimate dryness frequently affects women during different periods characterized by a drop in estrogenic hormones:

  • during and after pregnancy,
  • when breastfeeding,
  • during menopause.

Stress, taking certain medications (antidepressants) or hormonal contraception, cancer chemotherapy can also be the cause of intimate dryness, a common condition that would affect more than one in six women.
This hydration disorder can be the cause of pain during sexual intercourse, it weakens the mucous membrane and increases the risk of gynecological infections . If the intimate dryness is deep, it can even lead to permanent discomfort. The use of an intimate lubricating gel thus makes it possible to soothe this discomfort , to avoid sexual blockages and to have a fulfilling love life.

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