Phytobiane Passiflore 30 Extended Release Tablets

Phytobiane Passiflore 30 Extended Release Tablets

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Phytobiane Passiflore 30 Extended Release Tablets improves sleep, fights against nocturnal awakenings, particularly in children.

What is Phytobiane Passionflower Extended Release used for?

Phytobiane Pileje are food supplements from a range of standardized, freeze-dried, certified organic plant extracts .

The passionflower ( Passiflora incarnata L. ) used by Pileje is grown organically , while respecting the environment. The aerial parts of passionflower are frozen after harvest so that the active ingredients are preserved. Then comes the grinding and extraction of the active ingredients using the patented Phytobiane ® process, recognized for its respect for the integrity of the active and useful ingredients of the plant.

The plant extract then obtained is alcohol-free . It is then freeze-dried, that is to say cold dehydrated, to be put into vegetable capsules.

Phytobiane Passionflower Extended Release is much more than a simple food supplement. Based on patented Phytostandard® technology, this product is a natural response to your sleep and anxiety problems. Whether you are a stressed adult or a parent worried about your child, these soothing capsules are the key to peaceful nights and a stress-free daily life.

Ethical Cultivation for Maximum Effectiveness

Cultivated organically, the passionflower used in this product ensures optimal purity and concentration of the active ingredients. Not only are you making an ecological choice, but you also benefit from unrivaled effectiveness against problems falling asleep , anxiety and even travel sickness.

Opt for a Natural and Healthy Composition

Don't settle for less when your well-being is at stake. Phytobiane Passiflore is formulated with high-quality organic ingredients, including plantain extract and acacia fiber, while being alcohol-free. With this supplement, you are choosing a natural and healthy solution, without chemical agglomerants or harmful substances. The purity of these capsules allows you to focus on what really matters: your peace of mind and a good night's sleep.

Passionflower, Your Ally Day and Night

Who said that the benefits of passionflower were reserved for the night? Thanks to its soothing properties , this supplement is not only your passport to restful sleep. During the day, it also helps manage symptoms of anxiety, palpitations and even stress-related colopathy. Imagine a day at work or a long to-do list without a hint of stress on the horizon. Phytobiane Passiflore accompanies you in all your moments, offering you increased serenity and concentration to face everyday challenges.

What are the properties of Passionflower?

- Trouble falling asleep, nocturnal awakenings, particularly in children
- Anxiety with cardiac, digestive or neuromuscular somatization
- Anxiety in children
- Travel sickness
- Colopathy due to stress
- Palpitations in a healthy heart

How to use this soothing supplement?

1 tablet per day, swallowed with a large glass of water.

Precautions for use

  • This food supplement cannot replace a varied, balanced diet and a healthy lifestyle.
  • Excess use may result in laxative effects.
  • Best consumed before end and batch number mentioned on the underside of the box.
  • Do not exceed the recommended daily dose.
  • Store at room temperature.
  • Keep out of reach of children.
  • Not recommended for pregnant and breastfeeding women

What is the composition of Passionflower?

- Organic baobab fruit pulp (adansonia digitata L.)
- Organic acacia fiber
- Organic passionflower extract CPSP-01 (Passiflora incarnata L., aerial part)
- Bamboo powder (bambusa bambos L. Voss, exudate)
- Thickener: sodium alginate; organic rapeseed oil.

EPS or Standardized Fresh Plant Extracts are obtained by the “ Phytostandard ” extraction process which respects the integrity and completeness of the active ingredients present in the plant.

We suggest you prepare your EPS mixtures , according to the formulas recommended by your Naturopath .


Discover Phytobiane Passiflore Prolonged Release, the food supplement in the form of prolonged release tablets which revolutionizes your sleep and reduces your anxiety. Make the choice for a more peaceful life today. Order your box of 30 at the best price online, in our organic pharmacy!

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