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Taking care of yourself also means keeping an eye on your health . Regular monitoring of your blood pressure is essential if you want to detect and treat these diseases effectively in time. The blood pressure measurement with an electronic blood pressure monitor is based on the oscillometric method. This method involves the analysis of the oscillations of the arterial wall.

Blood pressure reflects the pressure of blood in the arteries . It is expressed by two figures: The first figure (the highest), corresponds to the systolic pressure , that is to say the blood pressure when the heart contracts and empties. The second number, (the lowest), corresponds to the diastolic pressure , that is to say the pressure of the blood when the heart relaxes and fills.
Blood pressure is not fixed, but varies constantly. It increases with effort, especially strong emotions but goes down at rest or at night. Blood pressure is generally considered "normal" if it is less than 140 mm of mercury for systolic pressure and less than 90 mm of mercury for diastolic pressure . We talk about high blood pressure when the blood pressure in the arteries is regularly too high. Several checks, at rest, are necessary to diagnose hypertension, because there is a border area between normal blood pressure and true hypertension, which can either correspond to early hypertension, or simply reflect the variability of blood pressure.

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